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9 Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles The Right Way

Don’t love your love handles? We don’t blame you. They can be really hard to lose! You’ll need a combination of diet, exercise, and...

How Safe Is Weight Training During Pregnancy?

If you stay within limits and your healthcare provider has given you the green flag, weightlifting during pregnancy is safe. Check out this badass mamma-to-be...

9 Tips To Get The Abs Of Your Dreams Through Cardio Workouts

Most of you would just picture running on the treadmill when you come across the term ‘cardio workout’. But the fact is, certain cardio...

Tips To Work Out At Home Without Using Weights

Substitute dumbbells with your body weight for free hand, muscle-focused exercises at home. Warm up and stretch before you start. Do triceps dips for arms; squats, lunges, and calf raises for legs and butt; flutter kicks and crunches for abs; and burpees, wall squats, planks, and innovative push-up variations for a full-body workout. Do 3 sets of each exercise 5 days a week.

Strength Training For Women: Pick Up Those Dumbbells

Resistance training builds muscle and increases BMR. Use 12, 15, and 20-lb dumbbells to do upper and lower body workouts on alternate days. Rest 1 or 2 days a week. Warm up before workouts, sleep well, stay hydrated, and adopt a high-protein, low-carb diet. Do fewer reps with heavier weights for growing in size or more reps with lighter weights for building lean muscle.

10 Fun Exercises to Do with Your Baby

This simple workout will help you lose weight, tone muscles and have fun with your baby! Check out awesome ab workouts to tighten your...

Combine Cardio And Core Exercises For Those Ripped Abs

Only building muscle without burning fat will leave you with flab over your abs. Tighten your core during all exercises. Incorporate a cardio twist into your core workout. Push-ups with pull throughs, jumping jack burpees, plank lateral tucks, mountain climbers, and pli’e squat chops will challenge your stamina, burn the fat, duplicate your strength, and leave you with sculpted Greek-God abs.
Your Blood Type Can Influence Your Hearth Health

Your Blood Type Can Influence Your Heart Health

A and AB types tend to have high cholesterol levels, and are more prone to blood clot formation and arterial inflammation. In O and B types, a low-fat, high-carb diet can lead to increase in triglyceride levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and abdominal fat. For a healthy heart, A types need gentle exercise, B and AB types need moderate exercise and O types need high intensity exercise.
Say Bye To Belly Fat. Simple Tips To Get Started On Building Those Core Abs.

Simple Tips To Get Started On Building Those Core Abs

Most people don't realize that the core is not only about abs but something much deeper. In fact, if you build core stability (strengthening...
Are Exercises Sufficient To Get Those Killer Flat Abs?

Are Exercises Sufficient To Get Those Killer Flat Abs?

No, factors like genetics, percentage of body fat, dietary choices, stress and lack of sleep also are responsible. You must consume high fiber foods, do regular posture building exercises like planks and back extensions. You must also indulge in a de-stress routine like meditation or a hobby and practice yoga asanas like Uthkatasana and Naukasana.

How To Build Core Abs Like A Ballet Dancer?

Lying on your back, hold a stability ball between your hands and extend the arms straight up to the ceiling. As you exhale, stretch the arms overhead as far as possible without arching the mid-back. Then place heels on the stability ball, relaxing the legs. Gently press the ball away and back towards you while maintaining intra-abdominal pressure.
Back Pain Relief

Long-Term Back Pain Relief – My Fight Against Never-Ending Back Pain

I was fighting against “irreversible” back pain due to arthritis. However, it was not actually the arthritis or disc causing the pain, there were other imbalances around it causing the pain where. Hence, I changed the work-out strategy, developed the core strength, started eating clean anti-inflamatory diet, also started doing corrective circuits, and more. Today, my back is no longer in constant pain. It is not 100% gone, but my days of pain are now limited to a few hours of pain a few days a month.

The 5 Best Ab Workouts

Are you still doing dozens of crunches in the hopes of getting flat, washboard abs?Traditional crunches are old news, so let's take your ab routine to the next level with the following 5 Best Ab Exercises. The most effective ab exercises strengthen your core on the whole; which helps prevent dreaded back pain, increases your agility.
Best Superfoods For Those Dream Flat Abs.

Best Superfoods For Those Dream Flat Abs.

Having a fit and lean belly is not just merely crunches to get the job on its own. The key to have a trimmer...
The Top 4 Workout Myths That Won’t Go Away

The Top 4 Workout Myths That Won’t Go Away

Most people, maybe you included, have exercised a certain way for years..or not at all.  You have diligently put in your due time at...