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Yoga poses to tone and strengthen abs.

8 Yoga Poses For Abs: Moves To Strengthen And Tone Your Core

Yoga can help build a strong core, which translates to stronger and well-defined abs, more flexibility and endurance, and improved posture. Poses to try include downward facing dog, plank, extended triangle, warrior, and boat poses. The bridge, dolphin, and locust poses also work wonders.

5 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Chisel Your Lower Abs

Your body is naturally designed to store fat around your abdomen, making it harder to carve your lower abs. Not having a calorie deficit or doing the wrong core exercises could also be some mistakes you're making. Loose skin resulting out of sudden, quick weight loss could also hide your lower abs while there's also a rare chance that your abdomen wall is not genetically built for a 6 pack.

Workout Routines That Help You Define Rock-Solid Muscles

Working our regularly in the gym is great. But, if you are doing the same exercises for weeks or months now, it can become quite boring. Moreover, the same old workouts may not be as effective as they once used to be. It’s time to scale up and improve the difficulty level if you want to further enhance your muscular appeal. These effective workouts help you sculpt your muscles.

The 7-Minute Abs, Butt, And Thighs Home Workout

If you're looking for the fastest way to lose weight, you just cannot ignore a good HIIT workout. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a...

7 Foods To Eat For 6 Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs might seem difficult, but isn't. All you need is a good workout routine and diet. This includes eating foods that burn belly fat. Lean meats increase satiety and promote fat burning. Whole grains contain fiber and essential B vitamins. Berries and vegetables rich in vitamin C control blood sugar levels and increase satiety. Legumes have fiber and are low in saturated fat. Dairy and nuts promote weight loss as well.

7 Abs Exercises That Put Crunches To Shame

Most people who're not familiar with weight training think that getting abs is all about doing more and more sit-ups or crunches. However, you...
reduce overall body fat)

How Much Body Fat You Need To Lose To Get Six-Pack Abs

A well-defined set of six-pack abs is the holy grail for every man who labors hard at the gym. Unfortunately for men, they hold...
give you the energy you need

11 Carbs That Can Actually Help Uncover Those Hidden Abs

Getting those abs to show is a tricky business. It's not enough to just work your ab muscles, you also need to reduce your...
10 Mistakes Women Should Stop Making At The Gym

10 Mistakes Women Should Stop Making At The Gym

Exercising is important to stay fit and healthy. There are a few mistakes women should avoid when they work out. These include: repeating exercises, avoiding warm up/cool down sessions, not lifting heavy weights, not eating enough proteins and carbs and drinking enough water, focusing too much on abs and weight, setting unrealistic goals, and expecting results too soon.
Abs are not just about the looks but your health as well

Four Myths That Keep You Away From Great Abs

Great abs, or abdominal muscles, are an important goal in every fitness enthusiast's journey. While you wait for them to appear, consistent workouts, not straining too much, eating wholesome food, and striving for it at all ages do help in building the abs slowly and over time. With the right training and a healthy diet, the much-coveted abs will be yours.

Five Common Exercises That Actually Work Against You

We all crave for a perfectly toned body. However, some common exercises like sit ups and crunches can actually work against you and give you injuries for life. For example, when done wrong, sit ups can cause severe back strain. Using the gym equipment incorrectly can also cause grave injuries or give you a bad sprain. Hence, it is important to know the risks of each of these activities.

5 Easy To Do Standing Abs Workout

Sedentary lifestyle makes you prone to diseases such as dementia, colon cancer, and diabetes. You can keep your body healthy without going to the gym, just perform these easy standing abs workout for a healthier life. Standing abs workout like extended toe touch, tuck jump, stepping chop, standing bicycle, and knee to elbow twists can be performed by anyone. These workouts do not require any equipment, you can easily perform them at home.

8 Intense Yoga Poses For Seriously Ripped Abs

The core is the seat of strength in your body and the stronger your core, the better you can perform any physical activity. The...

5 Ugi Ball Exercises For Flat Abs

A Ugi ball is weighted and squishy. When used in crunches, it can tone your abs while strengthening your thighs. Balancing on it during lunges will also work out your core. For a belly-burning exercise, do crab kicks and climbers on a Ugi ball. Doing twists with this tool will slim your waist and make your abs stronger. As you build more muscle, you’ll burn more calories and slim down your waist.

9 Amazing Ways Isometric Exercises Can Help Keep Your Muscles Intact As You Age

Plenty of us yearn for a toned, slim body, but aren’t built to enjoy intense workouts. Don’t worry, there is still hope, that is if...