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By pressing baby's feet gently, a cranky, crying baby can be calmed down.)

Calm Your Baby Down By Applying Pressure On Certain Points

Often, we have heard of the term “reflexology”, but we are still not sure of what it really means. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese...

How To Get A Flat Belly Even After You’re 40

After the age of 40, it gets difficult to maintain your weight. To get rid of belly fat and achieve a flat stomach, it is important to eat a balanced diet and say no to crash diets. Get enough vitamin D and calcium in your food and avoid eating after midnight. You can also consider strength training or yoga to lose the excess fat and attain a fit body.
Your stomach bloats up when you eat the wrong kind of breakfast

Eating These 7 Foods For Breakfast Can Puff Up Your Tummy

Feel your jeans are a little tight around the waist every morning? It's never a pleasant feeling to have belly bloat as it can cause gas and leave you feeling annoyed and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. While skipping breakfast can never be of much help, it doesn't mean that you can eat anything you find. Steer clear from foods like dairy products and greasy foods for breakfast as it can only worsen the issue.

6 Foods Guaranteed To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

People who eat avocado regularly have been found to be healthier, fitter, and they tend to have lesser belly fat. Also, coconut oil was found to reduce waist circumference in just 4 weeks. Berries are the healthiest fix for a sweet craving when you are trying to lose weight, especially around the waist. Research reveals eating oatmeal reduces abdominal fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and overall body fat.
Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

5 Benefits Of Dandelion Tea And How To Make It

Dandelions are extremely hardy little plants that can sprout up anywhere. If your garden has ever been taken over by dandelions, you’ve probably uprooted...

How To Drastically Improve The Chances Of A Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is not a myth, unlike what most people might like to believe. Popular belief dictates that the female orgasm is like...

Why Sleeping On Tummy Could Prove To Be Fatal For Babies?

Your baby's journey from your tummy to your arms is complete. Bringing your little one home makes your heart swell with joy. If this is...

Signs That Indicate Your Bloating Isn’t Normal

We’ve all been there. Some gassy veggies at a dinner meeting, one too many aerated drinks at the movies or the monthly premenstrual feeling...
defeat cancer by detecting

12 Early Signs Of Cancer You Should Watch Out For

Firstly, the aim of this article is not to cause panic but to raise awareness and keep you alert to cancer symptoms. Many of...

Dates For Preventing Heart Ailments And For Overall Health

Dates are highly nutritious fruits of the date palm tree. They are extremely delicious and contain many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for overall health. Dates are considered as an excellent heart-healthy food because of its properties to lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension, stroke, and anemia. It is also essential to improve bone health and promotes better functioning of the nervous system.
How To Say Goodbye To Belly Fat

6 Research-Backed Ways To Say Goodbye To Belly Fat For Good

A flat tummy isn’t just about the aesthetic appeal, it’s an important indicator of how healthy you’re going to be. While excess fat on...
cannot escape the influence of toxins

8 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Body Needs A Detox Immediately

The unfortunate truth about living in the city today is that you just cannot escape the number of toxins. The food you eat and...

4 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Relish The Goodness Of Yogurt

Pediatricians recommend yogurt as a super healthy food for babies above the age of 6 months. It's loaded with nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B, and proteins. Several studies have proved that infants who had a regular intake of yogurt had better digestion and lesser chances of diarrhea. Their immunity was good and their musculoskeletal systems were also stronger.

7 Reasons Why You End Up Eating Even If You’re Not Hungry

Coping with negative emotions like sorrow or loneliness can cause you to eat even if you are not hungry. This is true even if you are too happy. Being with people who are munching on food, seeing food everywhere you go, and eating to fight boredom are other reasons that lead to pointless eating.
How Ginger Can Help Your Digestion

4 Ways Ginger Root Helps Your Tummy And How To Use It

Ginger is a popular aromatic spice used to flavor many foods, but its real powers go much further. Fresh ginger root has been valued...