9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

It’s good to know if you’re allergic to a type of shellfish called oysters. After all, shellfish are some of the most common allergens out there.1 Reactions can vary from mild to severe, so it’s important to recognize the signs.2

Your life might depend on it! Do yourself a favor and know these nine symptoms of an oyster allergy.


9 Symptoms Of Allergy

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1. Hives

Hives: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy


A shellfish allergy is one of the most common causes of hives. These raised bumps on the skin are itchy and hard to miss! They’re usually pink, red, or skin-colored. Hives can show up one by one or in clusters.3

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2. Itching

Itching: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

Aside from hives, general itching can occur. This can happen anywhere on the skin, including the face. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, might also develop.4


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3. Swelling

Swelling: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy


Swelling of the lips and throat is common. The cheeks and tongue might also puff up. But since these symptoms can obstruct breathing, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.5

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4. Tingling Sensation

Tingling Sensation: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

A tingling sensation may crop up wherever there is swelling. You might feel it in the mouth, tongue, or throat. It can be quite ticklish, to say the least! This may also be one of the first signs of an allergic reaction.6


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5. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

If your body doesn’t like oysters, it’s no surprise that your stomach will act up. You might feel stomach cramps that are uncomfortable and painful.7

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6. Upset Stomach

Upset Stomach: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

Aside from the physical pain, queasiness can also develop. Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting are all common.8 You might even mistake it for food poisoning.

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7. Wheezing

Wheezing: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

Like hives, wheezing is one the major symptoms of food allergies. It can happen from the swelling of the throat and mouth. It can also cause a hoarse and scratchy voice.9

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8. Nasal Congestion

Nasal Congestion: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

Stuffy nose is another symptom of an oyster allergy. It’s known as allergic rhinitis and might give you the sniffles. You’ll probably have a hard time breathing through your nose.10

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9. Dizziness

Dizziness: 9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

In the midst of everything, you might feel dizzy and lightheaded. It might be hard to focus on what’s going on around you. In some cases, it causes even fainting.11

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, take an antihistamine immediately. You should also visit an allergist to confirm your allergies. In the future, stay safe by always double checking your food.