Simple Ways To Survive a Fat Day.

Simple Ways To Survive a “Fat” Day.
Simple Ways To Survive a “Fat” Day.

We all have those days.

You know: the days when all of a sudden your clothes fit a bit differently, or you’re convinced that your cheeks feel a bit fuller than they did the day before.[pullquote]Now I prefer to call them “days when you don’t feel comfortable in your skin.”[/pullquote]

I used to call them “Fat Days.”


These kinds of days sneak up on us. We might feel wonderful one day, and then, without warning, wake up to feel like a totally different person. These kinds of days really stink. They stink because you feel uncomfortable.

. Feeling uncomfortable equals feeling less than confident about your body.


. Feeling less than confident often translates into feeling some body dislike.

. It’s hard to love your body when you feel uncomfortable–kind of like it’s betrayed you.


. These uncomfortable days can happen for a number of reasons….probably an infinite number of reasons as we’re all different people.

. It could be hormones.


. It could be something you ate making you feel bloated.

. It could be something you ate making you feel guilty.


[pullquote]Maybe you woke up and decided to weigh yourself and that number on the scale wasn’t what you thought it would be.[/pullquote]In any case, you’re uncomfortable and probably looking for a quick fix to start feeling better…I mean, who wants to be uncomfortable for a long period of time?

The reality is that most of the time, your body hasn’t changed at all from the day before. One night of eating five pieces of pizza might make you feel bloated and full, but if you go back to your usual habits the next day, chances are those five pieces of pizza won’t keep you from reaching your health goals..[pullquote]Sometimes these uncomfortable days make us want to try a crash diet–they bring back those old Diet Mentality feelings.[/pullquote]


These uncomfortable days are dangerous because of their potential to bring back those Diet Mentality feelings even though your body might not actually be any different than it was the day before

So how do you get comfortable with these uncomfortable days and keep them from getting in the way of you making progress toward your health goals?



Simple Ways to survive a “fat” day:

Here are a few things you can do to feel more comfortable in your skin on those uncomfortable days:

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Yes, this might mean wearing stretchy pants and a flow-y shirt. When you’re feeling particularly uncomfortable in your body it’s so important to make yourself feel super comfortable. AND beautiful. So not those sweatpants from your freshman year of college and that hole-y t-shirt from 8th grade. I’m talking nice black yoga pants or a bright sundress– your favorite comfortable, beautiful clothes.


Eat your favorite healthy lunch.

When you’re feeling uncomfortable in your body, you might be tempted to start a crash diet, or not to eat at all that day. Instead, make yourself your favorite healthy lunch, this way, you’re making an effort to treat yourself well (love your self up) by filling your body with healthy foods that will get you closer to your health goals in the long run. Think of your favorite healthy foods and eat them!


Work it out.

Get moving. Moving your body is one of the best ways to rekindle your appreciation for all of the amazing things it can do–whether you’re uncomfortable or not. Listen to your body and move in a way that you know will make you feel good– whether it’s going for a run, or lifting some heavy things.


Drink some detox tea.

There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a warm mug of tea. I find detox tea to be particularly good at helping me feel more normal in my body. It could be a mental thing–the idea that by drinking the tea, I’m supporting my body to get rid of the toxins that are making me feel uncomfortable– or it could actually be some of the detoxifying herbs doing their thing. Either way, a big mug of detox tea makes me feel lighter and more at ease.