6 Surprising Things Related To Your Newborn That You Didn’t Know About

After birth, your newborn becomes the center of your attraction—the chubby cheeks, sweet baby smell, tiny eyes, and lips—a freshly arrived baby into the world. We know you have already read about the not-so-pleasant things after your baby comes home from the hospital. Sleepless nights, changing diapers, breastfeeding and attending to your crying baby—sometimes all of it may overwhelm you or freak you out as you wonder whether you are doing enough for your little one.

There are certain little things about your baby and the newly acquired motherhood that you will realize with time. Most likely, you are not prepared for these things and only your experience can teach you better. But, here we are giving you these 7 surprising details related to your newborn.


1. Your Will Feel Over Possessive

As a new mother, it is common to feel overprotective towards your baby. This is one of the many emotions you may develop after becoming a new mother. You may not like others to hold your baby for long or want to snap back at people saying, ‘ Don’t touch her. She is My baby.” Have patience with yourself, this will wear off once you get used to being their mother.

2. Your Baby Will Not Remain The Same

That baby smell, delicate skin, and sensitive little newborn are going to grow up to babble and crawl. They may not always love to receive a cuddle from you when they grow up and start running around.


So make the most out of the moments when you can still cradle your little one and find them falling asleep in your arms.

3. Poop Diaper And Pee Mess Are Common

Before your baby has grown up to get potty trained, cleaning baby fluids is going to be your biggest challenge. Whether they pee, poop or regurgitate their last meal, make sure you are ready with a baby towel or wipes by your side.


4. Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Natural

If you think your baby will latch the moment you bring your breast close to their mouth, your little one will prove you wrong. Although your baby is born with the instincts to nuzzle and reach for your nipples and latch on them, it may not always end up in a successful breastfeeding session.

Don’t worry, you both will eventually learn to get it right, in the first attempt itself. Consult a lactation specialist or talk to your doctor if the progress is slow—they can guide you right.


5. Baby Breathing Is Scary

Your baby may breathe slower or faster for some time and then return to normal breathing. They might even pause for 5-10 seconds between breaths, scary isn’t it? You might wonder whether your baby is breathing at all.

Don’t worry, your baby is still getting used to life. However, if there are longer than usual pauses with coughing or gasping at the end of it or their breathing is noisy, contact a pediatrician as soon as possible. It could be a sign of sleep apnea or nose block, making their breath noisy.


6. You Will Miss Them Even When They Are Close

Does it bother you that your baby quietly having their afternoon nap in the bassinet? Probably, you are already missing holding and cradling them. While awake your baby will barely leave you with some time for yourself, but when they are just even inches away, you will miss their physical presence.

While feeding and nurturing your baby, you develop an emotional bond with them while they begin to trust you. You will eventually become comfortable in your role as a mother and you will do perfectly fine.