6 Surprising Benefits of Pregnancy

The moment you discover two red lines on the pregnancy test strip, it becomes a memorable experience in itself. While absorbing the fact that you are pregnant, you mentally prepare yourself for a thousand exasperating moments waiting to happen, in the course of the next 9 months. Morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, cramps, back pain are just a few of the innumerable unpleasant experiences. Of course, there is also the drudgery of childbirth, and the post-delivery stretch marks, which can bother the mother-to-be. It may come as a surprise, but pregnancy is not only about having a baby. There are myriad benefits associated with pregnancy that women would love to hear about. Here are 6 most observed positive effects of pregnancy.

1. No More Menstrual Cramps



Have a good time away from cramps and back pains during pregnancy and breastfeeding. For quite some time, your menstrual cramps are not going to be a monthly affair. Some mothers get their cycles after as long as 12 months. Sooner or later, your normal cycle will follow. Surprisingly, few women do away with menstrual cramps post delivery. There are no proven reasons behind it. One theory suggests that childbirth reduces the prostaglandin receptors inside the uterus that are responsible for monthly menstrual pain. These are the same hormones that stimulate the uterus to contract during labor.

2. Healthy Diet And Habits



As you get conscious of your bingeing and start following a healthy balanced diet, it will not only benefit your baby, but also keep your health in check. While considering the health of your baby, you can develop the grit to quit smoking, drinking, and junk food. Opting to exercise and getting proper sleep will gradually follow. With a well-organised routine, you can drop your bad habits and move to a healthier lifestyle.

3. Sex Gets Better



Many women find sexual intercourse more pleasurable during pregnancy. An increased blood flow to the pelvic area can enhance the overall experience of sex. Don’t be apprehensive about making love if you think it may harm the baby. A strong uterus and amniotic sac protect the baby, whereas a thick mucus plug seals the cervix from infection.  And no, sex doesn’t induce labor or miscarriage. Though if there are any pregnancy related complications involved, you can consult your doctor before proceeding.

4. Lower Risk Of Cancer



Researchers have found that full-term pregnancy at an early age, increased deliveries, and longer duration of breastfeeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that women who have had a full-term pregnancy are also less likely to get ovarian cancer.1

5. Enhanced Sense Of Smell



Sometimes, pregnant women sense a different or funny taste, which is not to be confused with the usual cravings for ice-creams and pickles. According to researchers, this can be attributed to increased levels of hormones during pregnancy, which intensifies the sense of smell and taste. A theory suggests that this helps women avoid strong smelling, unhealthy substances like alcohol and tobacco.

6. Elevated Self Confidence



Many pregnant women and mothers find themselves at odds, reminiscing the drastic changes in their bodies, which made them look bulky. Even dealing with hormonal side-effects like morning sickness, mood swings and much more, definitely don’t make them feel so good about themselves. However, there are times when pregnant women have surprised themselves with their ability to handle the stress and noise going on in their minds. Also, they have felt active and capable of doing lots of things on their own. Even the experience of enduring labor and childbirth brings a sense of strength and confidence in women post delivery.

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Most women have described their pregnancy as a positive experience. Even though getting out of bed may seem like a herculean task sometimes, pregnancy is a wonderful journey. Bask in the benefits that come along with it for a long time post delivery.