8 Surefire Signs That You’re Someone’s Rebound

Being someone's rebound can be painful

Breakups are hard, that’s for sure. The rebounds that follow can be even more of a mess. If you’re in a relationship and suspect that they are not completely interested in a meaningful relationship with you, it may be because you’re a rebound to them. Once you have these doubts, it can be difficult to shake the feeling. They can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. You deserve much better than to be someone’s second choice. If these signs sound familiar to you, take heed, before you get hurt. Unfortunately, your partner may not even realize what they’re doing to you.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re nothing more than a rebound to someone

1. They’ve Been Through A Recent Breakup

If they broke up less than 3 months ago, be wary

If you know that the person you’re with was in a serious relationship(one lasting over a year) less than 3 months ago, it is likely that they may not have had the time to

get closure from the pain. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone but if they exhibit any of the other signs on this list, it may be time to take a closer look

2. Their Breakup Was Sudden

Sudden breakups cause emotional distress

In most breakups, the couple knows when the relationship has run its course. They have had time to mourn and deal with their emotions long before the actual breakup happens. When only one person feels like it’s time to move on, the other can be left in a state of shock. If they were broken up with, chances are, they still need time to accept what has happened and are still learning to be their own individual outside of the relationship.

3. They Show Unbridled Enthusiasm

They want to act like you both are in a long term relationship

They want to take things fast

and act like they’re in a long-term relationship with you, right from the get-go. Instead of going out and exploring new things, they might want to stay home and relax. This is them trying to imitate the same habits they had with their ex but forcing them on you.

4. They Say This ‘Isn’t Too Serious’

They are afraid to commit

On the flip side, they might warn you from the beginning that this is nothing serious. They will seem hesitant to let down their guard or develop any emotional intimacy. It might be difficult for them to accept any form of commitment in the relationship. They might not even be able to stand the word! This is perfectly fine if you’re not looking for a serious commitment either. But if you’re looking for something that is more than just casual with this person, you might want to keep looking.

5. You Have A Lot Of Sex

They make up
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Their reluctance to have emotional intimacy with you might be offset by an intense need for physical intimacy. Sure it’s passionate and fun, but it’s not accompanied by any kind of open conversation. If you’re looking for actual intimacy, this can leave you feeling empty, confused, and unfulfilled.

6. They Constantly Talk About Their Ex

They are stuck in the past

It might be in a positive or negative context, but their ex shows up in conversation often, without you asking about them. It might be to talk about how they’re a horrible person who walked all over them or it could be a long conversation about their great personality. If they are stuck in memory lane, it might be time to leave them there and give them time to find their way out.

7. They Show You Off On Social Media

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They’re itching to post photos of the two of you on every single platform. They want to change their relationship status and share appreciation posts of you. Anything to make sure their ex knows they’ve moved on. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. It’s the equivalent of dragging you to an event where they know their ex will be. You’re likely going to be caught in the middle of something ugly.

8. They’re Constantly Comparing You To Their Ex

They wish you were their ex

They might be praising you for how different you are from their ex and how much more patient or caring you are. On the other hand, you may be able to tell that they’re silently criticizing all the ways in which you don’t compare to their ex. This can lead to a lot of

frustration and bitterness. You’re almost definitely going to get hurt.

If you have noticed these traits in the person you’re dating, it’s better not to confront them with anger. They may be in the process of grieving and dealing with their emotions as well. Try to let them down gently with an open conversation. You may just help them begin a process of healing and help them truly move on.