Supercharge Your Immunity & Sex Drive With Raw Cacao.

Supercharge Your Immunity & Sex Drive With Raw Cacao.

Raw Cacao: Real Superfood.

With the ever-increasing number of superfoods today, it is confusing on what to include in your meal plan. Superfoods are amazing raw foods that provides the body the nutrients it needs. Choosing which superfood to consume actually depends on what works for you.

One of the most favorite superfood for many people is the raw cacao. It is the purest form of chocolate and can easily be incorporated in various recipes. The hype about raw cacao is not new to us. Its history dates back to the ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans. The raw cacao was used for its healing properties and played an important role in the society.


In the ancient cultural rituals, raw cacao seeds are used as money, where the ancient Incas use it like gold bullion as they filled their treasury holds with lots of cocoa beans.

Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Cacao:

Today, raw cacao has regained its popularity as one of the most powerful superfood in the society. Its health benefits include:


1. Boosts Mood and Energy levels:

Raw cacao is often touted as an energy food. It contains tryptophan, which acts as a powerful mood-enhancer, and plays an important role in the production of serotonin, which reduces anxiety and has the same impact as love in our brain. This is why chocolate is always associated with love.

2. Reduce the risk of Depression:

The compounds in raw cacao help the body release neurotransmitters that make us feel good and optimistic. The process involves raising the levels of serotonin, widely known as the anti-depressant hormone.


3. Strengthen the Heart:

The different antioxidant in raw cacao helps in eliminating the toxins that eventually impairs the different processes of the body. Also, it keeps free radicals at bay. Protecting against toxins and attack from radicals makes a happy heart.

4. Increase Sexual Desire:

The raw form of cacao is known to acts as an aphrodisiac after a regular consumption. So if you are looking for ways to improve your sex life then look for a superfood that will allow you to perform at your best, without getting any side effects.


5. Boosts the Immune System:

If you are looking for ways to boost your immune system naturally, then include raw cacao in your diet. The essential minerals such as zinc and other phytonutrients help keep the immune system functioning properly and can shorten the duration of a cold.

6. Fights Free Radicals:

Moreover, raw cacao has a very high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. This means that this superfood can has the ability to absorb the harmful free radicals from your body, which is the main culprit in many types of cancers.


To enjoy the maximum benefit or raw cacao, make sure to look for its raw form and not the processed chocolate bars and powders. What is actually bad about chocolate is its added refined sugar, dairy and other suspicious additives that are added to most sugary, chocolate bars sold at the supermarket.