Summer Style Guide For The Working Woman

When it is summer outside, the last thing you want to think about is work. However, we all have to earn a living, so we might as well do it in style!

The hot temperatures might bring a challenge as you are never certain which clothes are suitable for your work environment. At the same time, it is only normal that you want to feel and be comfortable.


Regarding beauty, things are equally challenging, as applying makeup during the summer season is complicated. In an effort to come to your rescue, we have gathered 6 style tips to make your life at work easier and definitely more pleasant.

6 Summer Styling Tips For Working Women

1. Footwear

If you are going to the beach, then it is all right not to give careful consideration to your footwear. However, for the office, you have to choose a pair of elegant sandals.


These do not necessarily have to be high-heeled but make sure that they provide a little bit more coverage. After all, you are not going to spend your time in the open outdoors, but in a building, with your colleagues.

Moreover, you have to make sure that your sandals do not make too much noise, as you do not want to walk on tiptoes around the office.


2. Clothes

While summer is the perfect season for light clothes, this does not necessarily mean it is casual Friday every day at the office!

Leave the T-shirts with smart messages and short jeans at home, as you do not want to give others the wrong impression. Instead, go for elegant summer dresses, suitable for office work.


Opt for lightweight fabrics, as these, will help you deal with the hot temperatures, without feeling like you are actually melting. And, yes, watch out for the length of the dress; once again, you do not want to send the wrong message.

3. Sunscreen

The sunscreen lotion is the best friend of the working woman, as it offers the necessary protection for the skin throughout the entire day.


You can choose a lotion that offers enhanced protection so that you do not have to worry about re-application. If you do have to go out a lot during the work hours, make sure to re-apply the lotion.

As an alternative, you can use a moisturizing cream with integrated SPF. Never forget about the importance of sunscreen; it can help you look young, no matter your age and this can be an advantage in the work environment.


4. Diet

We would all want for the day to be longer, so that we could handle everything, without having to postpone some things for the next day.

While skipping lunch is definitely a bad idea, going for fast food or junk food is even worse! When it is hot outside, you have to choose only healthy foods to eat.


What does this have to do with style? Well, a working woman who eats only healthy food is also beautiful and stylish. Always consider a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Eat a salad for lunch and choose fruits as snacks.

5. Light Makeup

Light makeup is definitely recommended for work and, given the fact that you will have to deal with hot temperatures, it will also help you look fantastic.

Remember, less is more, especially when it comes to makeup. Choose silicone-based products and creamy foundations, as these are less likely to run and ruin your work day.

6. Perfume

When it is hot outside, the last thing you want to do is spray on a powerful fragrance. Combined with the excessive sweating, which cannot be always prevented, it might give out the wrong result.

If you still want to wear perfume, choose one with summer notes, light and breezy.

These are our style tips for all of you, working ladies! Do not hesitate to give careful consideration to our suggestions and follow them to the letter.

After all, style can be developed over time.