10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Getting pregnant: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience. Some of you may try several times and not be successful, and some of you may already be pregnant but are unaware of it. When you get pregnant, your body drops several hints to make you aware of the blessing coming your way. These signs are subtle and appear much before your missed period. By the time you miss your period, you might already be a few weeks into your pregnancy. It is beneficial to know about it at the earliest. You can get an appointment with your doctor, and start taking the necessary precautions for your and your little one’s good health. Here are some of the symptoms you can look out for.


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1. Cramping

Cramp: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy


When the fertilized egg, or blastocyst, implants itself onto the walls of your uterus, you can experience  light cramps. You might mistake them for menstrual cramps as they may occur a few days before the date of your periods. You will experience some more pain as your uterus starts stretching to get ready for your little one.

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2. Spotting

Spotting: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

As the blastocyst attaches itself to the inner lining of the uterus, it causes some irritation. This results in spotting or light vaginal bleeding. You should not be alarmed as spotting is completely natural during the early stages of pregnancy. You should consult your doctor if the bleeding becomes heavy.


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3. Fatigue

Fatigue: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy


When you are pregnant, your progesterone level increases. It relaxes your uterus and prepares your body to accommodate your baby. It relaxes your skeletal muscles as well, due to which you will feel tired all the time. Since your body produces more blood during pregnancy, your heart and kidneys work harder. The increased physiological functions also drain your energy.

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4. Frequent Urination

Urger to pee: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

The increased flow of blood, especially to your uterus, soon after conception makes your kidneys go on overdrive. More blood results in more urine production, so you will have an urge to visit the bathroom every few minutes.


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5. Elevated Body Temperature

Temperature: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

As the flow of blood increases during pregnancy, your metabolism increases. It causes your body temperature to rise slightly. The average resting body temperature is 98.6° F, and it can increase by 1° F when you are pregnant. Keeping a track of your body temperature when you are trying to have a baby will help you detect your pregnancy faster.

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6. Heightened Sense Of Smell

Smell: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Your sense of smell becomes superhuman when you are pregnant. Even the mildest odors can repulse you. The importance of this reflex dates back to prehistoric times as it prevented pregnant women from consuming anything that would harm their baby. It has the same benefit for modern women.

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7. Queasiness

Nausea: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You can experience light motion sickness or nausea during the early stages of pregnancy. The smell or the thought of food can make you queasy. It is just your body’s way of adjusting to the changes it is going through. Nausea will reduce when you progress into your second trimester.

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8. Bloating And Constipation

Bloating: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, your abdomen will feel puffier than usual, which is similar to the bloating you experience before your period starts. The high levels of progesterone weaken the muscles of the digestive system. When your digestion slows down, bloating and constipation are some of the results.

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9. Breast Changes

Breast changes: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Your breasts will feel tender and heavy, and your areola may darken during the early stages of pregnancy. These changes can be attributed to the changes in your hormonal levels.

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10. Urine Test

Pregnancy test: 10 Subtle Symptoms Of Pregnancy

The quickest way to confirm your pregnancy is by taking a urine test. When you get pregnant, your placenta produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). Pregnancy tests can detect hCG in your urine after 2 weeks of implantation. Some pregnancy tests are very sensitive and can detect pregnancy earlier than that. If you feel you are pregnant but get a negative result, wait for a few days and try again.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you should be careful about what you eat and drink. If you exercise, tone down the intensity. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated at all times, and avoid alcohol and tobacco at all costs. If you are on a certain type of medication, check with your obstetrician before continuing taking it.