5 Ways To Strengthen Oneself To Stand Up To Patriarchy

Women have been enduring a lot from past two years than they did in a long time. As some bullies are taking over the positions of power, many bullies who have used and abused women are being stripped of their honors and power. This is a confusing time to be a woman or a young girl. Everything that is happening seems like a contradiction to everything we are being taught. Women are taught to be proud of their bodies and at the same time laws that defy that very sentiment are being pushed by obsolete lawmakers to be passed. But this is an expected reaction though. Every time our world order goes through a change, people in power at the brink of losing are expected to retaliate. But if history is to be believed, change is inevitable. Abusive power always and eventually loses to people seeking the greater good. And history only reveres the one who changed the world for better.

So, women and men who seek equality need to be more vocal now as patriarchy is trying to shut them down. Women always had it more difficult at work places as they are more prone to be dismissed or passed over for promotion. Systemic injustice has always been a part of their lives that allowed them to be paid less and given less opportunities. So, what can women do to find their voices? And how can they express them in a way that is taken seriously? Here is a list of things you can do to stand firmly on your ground even when it is shaking.

1. Take Care Of Yourself

Women often give this the least importance in their lives. Taking care of yourself is the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself, especially if you have a big battle to fight ahead. You will need the strength and you will need all your power. A sick body can never provide you with them. So, take care of your body and mind. Nourish them, empower them and strengthen them from inside. Inner power is a combination of a lot of things like confidence, peace, strength and awareness. So, strengthen your mind and body to have all of them.

2. Trust In Your Strength

Our faith makes everything that we believe in a reality. So, you must believe in your strength because only then you can stand against a power that is trying to push you back. And your quirks are your strengths. Empathy, compassion, emotional intelligence and every other thing that have been seen as your weaknesses are really your strengths. They allow you to read a room that you walk into and they allow you to see things that elude others. So, wear all of your quirks as your armors on the battlefield of life.

3. Stand Together

Take a stand when you witness oppression, whether it happens to you or a fellow sister. When it happens to you, ask other women to stand with you. And when it happens to others, stand with them. The only way we can defeat a system of injustice is when we push for a change together. Together we are always stronger. And in a defining situation, the key to success is to go in it together. Don’t wait till it happens to you to raise your voice.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Have A Voice

Women who compromise are favored over the ones who don’t. But that rule is same even for men. But the only difference to that rule is that men with voices are not always seen as threats. But women with strong voices are often perceived as threats by misogynistic people in power. For a women, having a voice always comes with a price. But don’t be deterred by the consequences. If you have a voice, let the world hear you roar. It is only when you are successful in having your voice heard once that you will know its value.

5. Empower Yourself

Different women feel empowered by doing different things. So, do whatever makes you feel empowered. And more importantly, if something makes you feel powerless, refrain from doing it altogether even if it is hard.

The only way forward from here is to go forward with strength and wisdom together.