6 Things To Do Post-Sex To Make Your Bond Stronger

Sex is the most intimate act two people can indulge in. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that emotional intimacy will increase with sex. Sex is an act of physical intimacy. Similarly, there are many things that can enhance emotional intimacy between two people. There are many little things that a couple can indulge in after sex to bond better with each other.

Cuddling and talking are great ways to do that. But there are many things that can be done together to increase the intimacy. According to the sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly, any change is wonderful in a relationship. You can increase passion in your relationship by changing things in your post-sex routine. There are many things that can spice up the sense of intimacy between two people. A few things that can help you to bring in some change in your post-sex routine have been listed below.

1. Satiate The Hunger

Feed each other

It is very common for couples to feel hungry after a passionate session between the sheets. So, use this opportunity to incorporate some changes in your post-sex routine. You can bring some delectable food in your bed and feed each other while talking and sharing moments of levity with each other. According to the sexologist Dr. Debra Laino, sharing food in bed after sex can increase the sense of intimacy between two people.

2. Give And Take A Massage


A lot of people use massage as a way of initiating a sensual experience. Amazingly, massages can be equally effective afterwards as well. Massages can increase all the hormones and neurotransmitters that help us in relaxing. So, giving a massage after sex can make your partner feel loved and appreciated. This will make them feel a lot more closer to you. And, another upside to this is heightened passion.

3. Read With/To Each Other

Read together

According to the sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk, couples tend to feel more connected when they read to each other or share a book together. This will enhance their sense of connection. And when couples read or share the same book, they find a huge common ground to talk. This can help them in finding a more deeper connection with each other.

4. Share A Bath

Take bath

Taking a bath with someone is another incredibly intimate experience that two people can share. We are programmed to be completely stripped, both mentally and physically in our bathrooms. We let our guards completely down in our bathrooms. So, when we allow another person to share that space with us, we completely let him/her in. Hence, taking a bath with your partner can definitely make you feel more closer to him or her.

5. Compliment Your Partner In Bed

Compliment your partner

This is a wonderful habit that can fill your partner up with all the feel good factors. Paying a compliment to your partner about the sensual session that you shared can really boost your bond. Compliments are meant for making us feel all kinds of wonderful sensations. Thus, compliments after sex is the best way to make someone feel special as they are already high on happy hormones. Compliments after sex would fill your partner up with a range of wonderful fuzzy feelings. So, bank on this opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper level.

6. Gear Up For Round Two

 Go for round 2

According to Dr. Van Kirk, men and women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms in a short span of time. So, if you are still in the mood for some love after the first session of sex, then you can definitely go for a round two. Men might need some time between the two sessions to re-energize themselves. But this is a wonderful way of showing passion to your partner. Your partner will be more than happy to know that you find him/her irresistible.

Intimacy is very important in a relationship. And it is completely wonderful when people try to put in more efforts to make their relationships better. Their partners are bound to appreciate their efforts and feel more connected.