6 Strange Mental Disorders Our Brain Is Capable Of Developing

Mental health is a highly important topic, and is now slowly gaining the attention it needs. Disorders like depression and anxiety are becoming dangerously common, but there are also new paths being taken to treat them. With new medications and developments in therapy, many people are finally reaching out to the right people to overcome their disorders. However, there are so many mental disorders other than depression and anxiety, and they too carry the stigma. People suffering from all mental disorders deserve the empathy and help that is available so that they can lead more normal lives. There are some disorders that are strange and mysterious, and more research is needed to be able to understand why they come about. With any luck, there can be medications and treatment available to help people in the future. Below are some of the most strange manifestation of disorders:

1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder Exaggerated or imaged physical defects

Body dysmorphic disorder is a dangerous mental condition where a person becomes consumed by thoughts relating to perceived physical defects that are highly exaggerated or even imaginary. People with BDD are constantly looking in a mirror and are distressed about the way the part of their body looks, and try to find ways to hide this supposed “defect”. They refuse to be photographed because they fear that other people will judge how they look, and try to take excessive care of their looks to contain their anxiety. The have problems in their romantic lives often because of this flaw, and suffer from extremely low self esteem. This anxiety about the way they look is enough to disrupt their normal, every day functioning and takes over their entire life.


2. Erotomania Delusion that a celebrity is in love with them

Erotomania is a delusion whereby the person suffering believes that a person (who is generally from a higher social status, such as a celebrity) is madly in love with them, and convey this through special gestures or signals through media or even through telepathy. Often, they try to visit or talk to this person, and can make unwanted moves on them. They continue to hold this belief in the face of blatant proof, such as the person they are obsessed with telling them the belief is false. This delusion is extremely hard to break even through therapy.

3. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome Changed perception of sizes and space

This condition is where a person’s perception of surrounding objects and space changes, and they start seeing things as much smaller or larger, or feel far away from everything but strangely close. It can also manifest in other ways, such as seeing their own body differently (their hands or feet are seen as significantly smaller or larger for example), and they cannot understand its shape of dimensions. There is absolutely no damage or change in the person’s eyes or anything physical, it is solely mental in nature.


4. DID Multiple personality disorder

DID, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, is an extremely rare condition when there is a single or multiple divides in a person’s personality. There need not be any connection between the personalities, and they can have different ages, genders, nationalities, temperaments, world views, mental abilities and sometimes even different illnesses. This condition is related to extremely severe emotional trauma during childhood, and the personalities come about as a way to protect the child from any more harm. It is one of the most popularly known rare mental disorder, and there have been many books and movies that have detailed it. However, the actual disorder is extremely rare.

5. Taijin Kyofusho Crippling social anxiety

This disorder is most common in Japan or those who were raised with Japanese social customs, and is a very debilitating social phobia. People suffering have a very crippling fear of social interactions, and are vividly aware of everything that could go wrong during that interaction, such as having offensive body odor. There is a lot of pressure in the Japanese culture to keep appearances and etiquette during all social interactions, and is unsurprising that it can cause a person to go overboard in the worst cases.


6. Koro Syndrome Genital retraction syndrome

Koro, or genital retraction syndrome, is quite common in Southeast Asia, and involves acute anxiety in a man who believes that his genitals, or in the case of women their breasts, are shrinking into their abdomen/body until they disappear after which they will die. There has been mass panic over this in the past in China, in which the disorder occurred in different people at the same time. No one still knows why or how the disorder comes about.