6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Seeking Perfection In Men Who Aren’t Perfect

Perfection is a mirage that people seek in the desert of life. When we fall in love we tend to forget about this truth. So, it is pretty natural for people to think that their boyfriends are the epitome of perfection. And then they start to stress themselves over achieving perfection to match up with their partners. Well, truth be told; they are not perfect and neither are you. Perfection is nothing but an illusion that people chase after. Humans aren’t meant to be perfect. We are a flawed existence on this planet and that is what makes us human. So, stop trying to be perfect in your relationship because your partner is far from it. It is hard to see imperfections in people sometimes. The below list contains things that you probably would have missed seeing in your imperfect human partner.

1. His Body Isn’t Perfect And Neither Is Yours

Women tend to stress a lot about having a perfect body for two reasons. One because society tells them to look a certain way and secondly, they think their partners would start losing interest in them if they don’t maintain their good looks. Well, your partner isn’t perfect. Having a six pack or a beer belly is a man’s personal decision. He shouldn’t feel the need to look a certain way just to retain someone in a relationship with him. Similarly, women shouldn’t think that either. Our bodies are only a part of our being and we should look at it that way.

2. Don’t Let Yourself Feel Dumb

You might not be good at doing certain things but that doesn’t make you dumb. Your strengths might lie elsewhere. If your partner is good at fixing a machine and you are good at reading people; neither of you should feel dumber than the other. Different people ought to be different strengths. So, you can appreciate your partner for his strengths and let him do the same.

3. He Is Not Perfect All The Time

It is alright for you to have a bad day. You don’t have to feel the need to be dolled up all the time to impress him. When you are in a relationship, both partners must support one another through their tough times without expecting the other person to be their version of ‘perfection’. Your partner must also have days when he would be feeling completely down and out. So, it is alright for you to have such days as well without feeling the pressure of being ‘perfect’.

4. He Can Be Insecure Too

You should look at your partner as a human being. Your partner might be dealing with a lot of insecurities as well. So, he might not always be looking to find flaws in you. So, you need to stop trying to be flawless for your partner as he might not even expect you to be that. He probably just wants you top be a supportive partner.

5. Everyone Feels Jealous

Feeling jealous is a very natural emotion that happens to everyone. So, just because your partner is not showing it doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it. You are not the only one in the relationship to feel that emotion. So, it is alright for you to feel a tad bit jealous when your partner talks to someone attractive, but remember he is likely feeling that too when you talk to someone attractive.

6. Lots Of Fish In The Sea

There are many men and women out there who are more ‘perfect’ than you and your boyfriend. So, stop feeling the need to be perfect. Two people fall in love and stay together in a relationship because of the way they make each other feel and not because they fit in all the criteria of each other’s checklists.

Get to know each other and each other’s flaws. Accepting that about one another will make the journey easier in life.