Effective Ways To Help Stop Climate Change At Your Home

(We must look in at ways of sustainable living and save energy.)

The ever-changing climate has already affected our lives quite a lot in recent times. It is time we look at saving more energy and make climate-friendlier choices. We must look into ways of sustainable living and strive to live by example. This will help you stay healthier, friendlier with the environment, understand the intricate details of sustainable living and also, make climate-friendlier decisions in life.

1. Learn Your Current Impact And Set A Target

Look at the utility bills and set a target to reduce the energy consumption

You must always be aware of how much energy you are using. You can easily do this by taking a look at the utility bills and then, setting a specific target to reduce the consumption. This will, at least, help you reduce your usage of energy by 10 percent for six months.

2. Do An Audit Of Your Home

Make a note of how much energy is used and how much can be saved


Look around your home to find opportunities to reach your goal of saving more energy. Take a walk around each room and make a list of everything that is plugged in. Make a note of any outright energy drains that are occurring. You may bring a professional auditor to conduct a thorough evaluation if you aren’t too sure about yourself. The auditor will also help you inspect major appliances and identify any area that is missing insulation.

The Department of Energy has made an estimate that a professional auditor’s recommendations to upgrade efficiency can result in saving up to 30 percent on a household’s energy bill.


3. Look Around For Saving Opportunities

Hot Water, Heating Appliances, And Cooling Devices

Look for opportunities to save energy such as using the car less often and gardening.)

When you keep your house heated or cooled, you are compromising about half of the energy usage in your house. Hot water also takes up about 18 percent of your energy usage. Try to find out simple ways to lower the numbers. You can use a programmable thermostat to make sure that your water heater is insulated against any loss of heat.


You may also look for new and more efficient systems and invest in them, which are also eligible for tax credits so that more money is saved in comparison to the price that you purchased them in just a few years’ time. Solar water heaters are such an example.

Places With Outlets

An average household often owns as much as a dozen electronic appliances, and they add up to 12 percent of the electricity usage of the house. New, updated, and more efficient options are available in the market today, and you might consider updating to them to save more energy.


Inculcating the habit of gardening will not only purify the air around your home but also, add shade and thus, keep the area cool. A tree cover is not only good to look at but also, ensures the cooling of the air around. This will help you reduce your air-conditioning bills up to 35 percent. You may also start a compost pile, which will help you save the energy that you use to transport food waste. A compost pile will also keep decaying organic matter from contributing the emission of methane to a landfill.

Use The Garage As Often As Possible

Leave your car behind as often as possible. Try to improve your carbon footprint when you use your vehicle, which include avoiding idling and keeping the tires inflated to the right amount of pressure. This can help you save up to 10 percent on just fuel. When you are looking to replace your old vehicle, make an efficient choice and choose to buy an electric vehicle. This will help reduce pollution as well.


4. Go Solar At Home

Switch to clean energy such as solar energy

Ask your electric utility to switch to clean energy. This will help you save a lot on energy. Solar energy is undying and extremely efficient as well. Consider to look for solar options whenever and wherever possible.


With these examples of sustainable energy, you can easily lower down the usage of energy and stop climate change at home.