Stop Doing These 6 Things If You Want A Healthy Relationship

Stop these bad habits for a healthier relationship.

The age of Tinder has all of us scrambling to find a meaningful, healthy relationship. Gone are the days when meeting a nice person worked out smoothly; now, we drive ourselves crazy trying to understand the meaning behind a confusing text. After going on a few bad dates, most people begin to wonder what they’re doing wrong. “Is it me?” is everyone’s top question, and the answer is somewhere between yes and no. Those bad dates, maybe not your fault because you can’t help how the other person is, but some other things, like you choosing this person despite some red flags, can maybe be improved. If you’ve had enough bad dates, and are looking for a truly healthy relationship, take a look at these points. They might help you reset your course:

  1. Too Many No’s Give more people a chance

    All of us are entitled to certain preferences and expectations, but we need to be careful when we restrict our choices. For most people, physical attraction is

    on top of the list, and is the reason for most rejections. However, being physically attractive isn’t the only thing a person has to offer, and a healthy relationship is more than just how a person looks. As you start to know someone, you might realize that a good sense of humor, a pleasant disposition and a great intellect can be just as attractive as a hot, chiseled body and a nice smile. Use your instincts to respond to more people who are interested in you; you might be surprised at what they have to offer.
  2. Playing Games 

    You might have heard multiple people tell you that playing hard to get is the best way to keep a person interested, but this can spiral out of control when you take it too far. Sure, it can be alluring for someone to chase you for a while, and it can be the start of a spark between you two, but the digital age has

    also brought more choice for everyone involved. People will play for a while, but leave when they feel valued by someone else. When you think you’ve found someone nice, make sure you let them know that you’re interested.
  3. Sex As A Cover Be honest about what you want

    Expanding your sexual horizon and opting for casual, fun dating over a serious relationship is perfectly fine. However, if you really want a relationship and you’re using sex as a cover to be close to someone, it ends up causing problems. You might be using sex as a way to lure someone into your life, and then hope it can be good enough to keep someone committed to you. This puts you at a risk for the future because the other person might only be invested in the sex, and leaves you out to dry when you express your true intentions. Be honest with yourself about what you want because it saves you a lot of

    heartache in the future.
  4. Completely Future Oriented Don't look at everything through future-glasses

    A lot of people feel like they’re running out of time to find the right person, and start to think about marriage and children as soon as they meet someone new. This is dangerous, because you’re putting undue pressure on the relationship as well as the other person. You might not be giving the other person a chance to grow and develop with you through the relationship by judging everything they do. Moreover, you have no idea what the future holds for you, so don’t rush into decisions about what a potential partner can or cannot do for you.

  5. Depending On Others’ Opinions Don't depend on other people' opinions to decide important things

    A lot of us turn to our friends to decipher what a person might mean when they say something, and this could be

    the biggest hindrance to your future. Your friends certainly can’t read minds, and they have no idea about what you share with the other person. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and in the worst cases, ends a perfectly good relationship that had a great future. Opt for open and honest communication with your partner, and depend less on the advice your friends are willing to offer.
  6. Rejecting Being Single Enjoy the freedom and independence of being single

    Finally, don’t put being single in a bad light. Media and movies make it look like being alone is the worst thing that can happen to you, but you can never know what you want if you aren’t getting to know yourself outside of a relationship. Most often, you might rush into any relationship available to you to move away from the discomfort, but this leads to more bad relationships and dates that soon become a vicious circle. Let yourself breathe for a while, and

    use your single time to explore other options.