6 Ways To Stick To Your Diet While Socializing

You have set a weight loss goal in mind and are keen on sticking to it. You feel supercharged and invincible. Just when you thought there’s nothing that can deter you from getting back in shape, here comes a party invite!

Social gatherings, party invitations, and hangouts are really hard to decline. Just because you are on a diet, doesn’t mean that the whole world will work according to your regime. However, it’s possible to tread carefully without sacrificing your goal while socializing if you make the right choices.


Ways To Stick To Your Diet While Socializing

The following tips can guide you to stay focussed on your diet even at social events.

1. Don’t Linger Around The Buffet

avoid second servings in a buffet


The moment you spot a buffet in a social gathering, hold your weight loss goals even closer to your heart. The whole idea of a buffet which revolves around taking extra servings of your favorite things is defeating if you are on a diet. You don’t have to stop eating altogether at such events but you can watch what you eat.

Have a look at the menu and only choose those appetizers or main course meals that are in adherence to your diet. Calorie restriction is a good idea and this can be achieved by taking very little refined carbohydrates and fats. If you still want to have your dessert then choose to cut back on the main course as you would be consuming excess calories. Most importantly, resist the urge to take second servings.


2. Chew Slowly And Converse More

chew slowly to eat less

Social gatherings are a great place to meet people and network. If there are food and drinks in the mix that shouldn’t be a downer for all diet-watchers out there. Take this as an opportunity to test your determination. Engage in interesting conversations with people and you will surely be surprised at the variety of personalities that exist.


Eat slowly and chew well so that you are don’t end up gobbling. Keep track of how many times you reach out to refill your plate. Show some love to your tummy by filling it with some belly laughter instead of high-calorie foods.

3. Take Smaller Portions

portion control helps lose weight


This is one of the most tried and tested ways to overcome temptations at any party. Take just two bite-sized portions of whatever that you are about to eat. Fill your plate with bigger portions of salads instead of carbs. It also helps if you take a small-sized plate to dine as it will limit the portion size naturally. Portion control has been proven to help you lose weight as well as manage diabetes and high blood cholesterol.1

4. Drink But Don’t Guzzle

alcohol intake makes you gain weight


As long as it’s water, it’s alright to guzzle, but social gatherings often can have an assortment of beverages to choose from in addition to water. Indulging in sugary or alcoholic drinks is going to toss your diet off balance. It’s better to eat different foods in limited quantities than having a calorific drink. Unlike the latter, the former will leave you feeling fuller and in the right spirits.2

Binge drinking will knock mindfulness off. When you are buzzed or drunk you are incapable of thinking through your decisions. Therefore, you are more likely to overeat and forget about your diet.


5. Never Go On An Empty Stomach

have a healthy snack before going out

Attending an event when you are famished will make you more vulnerable to make the wrong food choices. Always have a healthy snack like a fruit bowl or low-carb, high protein mini meal before you attend any event. This will help you stay in charge of your tendency to eat unhealthily.

6. Don’t Let Yourself Get Coaxed To Overeat

resist temptations to overeat

Statements like, “but you didn’t eat at all”, “why are you even dieting” or “just one piece won’t make a difference” are frequently thrown at people who seem to mindful about eating. Usually, the cajolers or naysayers are known to us and should be handled with tact.

Use harmless excuses like, “I had a heavy lunch and I’m so full” or ” my stomach doesn’t agree to some foods” to stand your ground. Distract these conversations with some humor or just munching on a salad instead. Don’t let any cajoles or criticisms deter you from your goal in mind.

The tips above are practical and will help you enjoy the ambiance at the party along with the food. You don’t have to become a fussy dieter but being a determined and mindful one is more fulfilling. Be that!