7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

Designing a holistic home doesn’t have a proper design style, nor does it come with a book of stringent rules. It is, in fact, often identified with minimalism and homogeneity. It is more of a way of arranging elements around your home and building an atmosphere that counters the clamor and hassles of your routine.

7 Steps To Create A Holistic Home

Longing to achieve an atmosphere of zen in your own home? Consider these simple steps to transform your home into your very own peace haven.

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1. Dedicate A Corner To Yourself

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

Choose a corner in your house for your “me-time”, and try to pick something by a window. This is where you will retire to tune out from the world when you get back home, so make sure to add lots of personal touches. Infuse it with motivational quotes, or artwork that inspires you. Ensure to throw in

lots of cushions and perhaps even a soft woolen rug to keep you comfortable while you spend your time reconnecting with yourself.

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2. Play With Soft And Natural Light

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

For centuries, sunlight, a rich source of Vitamin D, has been known to be a great mood booster by increasing levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain.1Invite as much sunlight as you can into your space during the daytime and try to keep the windows open to allow air circulation.

After sunset, replace harsh florescent lighting with softer, warmer lights. Perhaps a string of warm white fairy lights through some sheer curtains or calming, candle lights. Choose different sources of light whose intensity you can control.

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3. Invite Nature

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Plants have a calming effect on space because of their lush green tones. Plants give out oxygen which helps purify the air around you. They also lower blood pressure levels and induce productivity.2 It is best to avoid plants with flowers as they may require quite a bit of maintenance, but indoor ornamental plants like bonsai trees or hanging terrariums can be perfect for the corner mantlepiece or a window sill!

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4. Choose Earthy Tones

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

Natural, soft-toned colors such as shades and hues of white, gray, beige or pink beige, have the power to bring about a sense of tranquility. It is important, however, to maintain chromatic harmony between the various elements in your

space, as well as keeping visual continuity between walls, furniture, floors, and accessories. To create some diversity, you can combine two matching colors or even play with shades of your favorite color.

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5. Make Your Bedroom Gadget-Free

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

Electronic devices are usually a big source of distraction and will, therefore, serve to counter the atmosphere of peace you are trying to create. Blue light emanated by phones, television sets and laptops confuse your sleep hormones and prevent you from getting your dose of beauty sleep, something that is imperative to your physical well-being.3 Eliminate bundles of wires and cables and any other unwanted clutter that could disturb the serene atmosphere of your space.

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6. Indulge In Aromatherapy

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

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DIY linen sprays infused with natural scents, soy or beeswax candles, and essential oils are all natural ways to enhance your room’s ambiance and uplift your mood. Lavender and Ylang Ylang are usually two all-time favorites which not only sets the mood for a good night’s rest but can also be extremely invigorating to wake up to.4

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7. Heal With Sound

7 Steps To Create The Perfect Holistic Home

Nature sounds, particularly that of gently flowing water, have known to heal people suffering from stress. The water element is known to put turbulent moods to rest. There are plenty of home decor artifacts that mimic waterfalls or flowing rivers available these days. If that seems too far-fetched, listening to some soothing ambient water-inspired music can also calm your mind down after a long day of work.

With the help of

these tips, you can now create your own space that will help you tackle the next day with renewed positivity!