Open Up To Abundance And Bliss With Chakra Meditation

In the chakra body map of the human body there are 7 concentrated energy centers that allow the flow of spiritual energy. A well-balanced chakra is of paramount importance in maintaining the overall health and well-being of an individual. Chakras help us achieve communion with life energy also known as “prana”.

When our chakras are in balance, our thoughts have more clarity, we feel more secure in being ourselves. This beautiful state of bliss and gratitude is what gives power to our thoughts and attracts the best of love, health, and abundance to us. When we are one with the divine energy we feel at ease with a general sense of well-being. Below are the simple steps of chakra meditation specific to each energy center. All you need to do is find a quiet place to sit comfortably and ease yourselves into the process.12


First Chakra For Grounding

grounding with root chakra meditation

The first or root chakra helps you to ground your energy and leaves you feeling safe, secure and centered.

  1. Start with a centering thought like ‘my life energy protects me and keeps me safe’
  2. Visualize the color red or red light flowing through you to stimulate the root chakra
  3. Now start breathing in and out rhythmically like you would do while meditating
  4. Start chanting LAM for balancing the root chakra
  5. Keep chanting the mantra until you feel completely rooted and relaxed

Second Chakra For Bliss

happiness with sacral chakra meditation

This second or sacral is the abode of creativity and desire. It needs to be balanced to make life a joy worth living.

  1. Start with a centering thought like, ‘ my life energy is bringing me pleasure’
  2. Visualize the color orange or an orange light flowing through the area just below your navel
  3. Start breathing deeply and slowly
  4. ‘VAM’ is the mantra to be repeated to activate the sacral chakra
  5. Keep chanting the mantra even if you are distracted until you feel at ease

Third Chakra For Empowerment

feel power through third chakra meditation

The third or solar plexus chakra is crucial for feeling empowered and powerful.

  1. Start with a thought like ‘my life energy organizes life effortlessly’ to center yourself
  2. Visualize the fiery yellow of the sun flowing through your solar plexus over the navel
  3. Let go of thoughts and start deep breathing slowly
  4. ‘RAM’ is the mantra for the activation of the third chakra
  5. Keep chanting the mantra while inhaling and exhaling meditatively

Fourth Chakra For Love

universal love through heart chakra meditation

The fourth or heart chakra defines our capacity to love holistically and unconditionally.

  1. ‘I am capable of giving and receiving love graciously’ should be the centering thought
  2. Visualize a deep green color flowing above your heart
  3. Let your stress melt away with each deep inhalation and exhalation
  4. ‘YAM’ is the mantra to open the heart center and allow the flow of love through the chakra
  5. Keep chanting the mantra to reactivate your third chakra

Fifth Chakra For Expression

express freely through throat chakra meditation

The fifth or throat chakra is all about communicating and expressing as truthfully and confidently as possible.

  1. The centering thought should be ‘my life energy expresses its truth’
  2. Visualize a bright blue light flowing in and out of your throat
  3. In a comfortable position breathe in and out deeply
  4. Start chanting the mantra, ‘HAM’ to allow life energy to flow freely through the throat chakra
  5. Continue the breathing and chanting until you feel re-energized

Sixth Chakra For Inner Vision

 third eye chakra for intuition

The sixth or the third-eye chakra is the seat of higher levels of awareness and intuition.

  1. Start with a centering thought like ‘my inner vision wisely guides my actions’
  2. Visualize a purple light flowing through the area in between the eyebrows
  3. Destress yourself with rhythmic inhalation and exhalation
  4. Chant the mantra ‘AUM’ to activate the third eye chakra
  5. Keep breathing and repeating the chants until a sense of calm engulfs you

Seventh Chakra For Mystical Oneness

divine union with crown chakra meditation

The crown chakra or the seventh chakra or Sahasrara connects us with the divine energy in the universe. It is located on the crown of the head.

  1. Start with a centering thought ‘my life energy radiates the light of being’
  2. Visualize a violet beam of light passing over the crown of your head
  3. Inhale to bring attention to present the moment and exhale to let go of all your worries
  4. Chant the mantra ‘Om Katchyayoni Namah’ to open channels of inner awareness
  5. Breathe and relax until you feel at peace

The path of self-awareness is a journey filled with new discoveries and experiences that unfold in divine timing. Chakra meditation will help you to embark upon this journey and welcome all the abundance the universe has to offer you.3