Why Should You Stay Away From These Annoying Pricks During Pregnancy?

It’s that time of your life when you feel like a celebrity, yes we are talking about being pregnant. Even strangers want to hold the door for you and if you really have to, you can cut in line for the bathroom. Now, that’s called some celebrity treatment, ain’t it?

But just like the celebrities who put up with some difficulties, pregnant women too have to put up with some common annoying people. Here’s a list of them.


The ‘Being Pregnant’ Lover

Yes, the ‘I love being pregnant’ mom-to-be is the most common. Really, we just don’t believe you people, even if you love every minute of your every single pregnancy, because it is the most blessed experience, no one needs any preaching from you! It would be nice to hear from your mom or your partner, or your best friend. So, all you annoying preachers of ‘I love being pregnant’ mom-to-be, stop proclaiming your love for pregnancy to the whole wide world.

The ‘Know It All’ Wacko

Have you come across this ‘know it all’ wacko who knows about every little thing on this planet Earth? She’s a mom already so she knows every damn thing. Every opportunity she gets, she gives a speech on water birth, breastfeeding, kegel, breathing, losing/gaining weight. Anything – any damn thing under the sun – she is a walking encyclopedia. You don’t even have to tap her for sage wisdom, but she gives it on her own. Just don’t let her come anywhere close to you.


The ‘Too Much Info’ Pregnant Lady

This lady cannot hold her tongue back. Anything which happens to her body, the whole world gets to know. Her nipples are sore – you will know about it, her vagina leaks a lot of stuff one day – you will know it, sex is such fun with her partner – OMG, you get to know about it. Suddenly it is not about your pregnancy that matters, but this lady is all that matters. You don’t really want to know anything about her breasts or vagina, but this lady will share every little detail about herself without any shame. That is very annoying.

The ‘Breastfeeding Is The Best’ Preacher

You might have skipped the boobs for feeding your little one, for whatsoever reasons known only to you, but this ‘Breast is the best way to feed’ mom-to-be might make your life miserable. Beware of these people and don’t ever fool yourself thinking that your choice is not right. Yes, of course, there are a lot of benefits in breast milk, but if you have made a choice, just stick to it. Don’t let anybody dictate their thoughts down your throat.


The ‘Baby Killer News’ Lady

This lady will get to know about any heinous crime about baby dumped in the dumpster, or flushed down the drain, or thrown from a high-rise. So, you don’t want to know about all the crimes in the world just because it is about babies. You are fine listening to all goody stuff. Put an off-limits sticker to these ‘baby killer’ news people.

The ‘Micro Milestone Obsessed’ Mom-To-Be

This lady is the walking wisdom who has a checklist of all her baby’s accomplishments. Really? Let your little one come out first, you pain the wrong area prick! Don’t get carried away by these ‘micro milestone obsessed’ people who walk with a long list in their hands and make your life annoying.


The ‘Epidural Is Gross’ Preacher

You and your partner should discuss the birth plans, the emergency plans, the medications you would opt, and everything related to childbirth. This lady who preaches ‘epidural is not good’ has no right or any part to play in your birth plan. She may not like to take epidural, it’s her choice. If you want to go for it – it’s totally your right. So, if you want to go with the drug, just take the help of pain-alleviating medications.

The ‘Totally Sober’ Mom To Be

It’s your life, your body, your baby, and your choice. Don’t let that lady who is ‘totally sober’ preach about abstaining from alcohol, caffeine, or shouldn’t walk with heels during pregnancy is bad. You know about your body and your baby’s long-term happiness. Choose to relax and chill when she shows off her knowledge on how alcohol could damage the developing fetus.