Start The Buddy System In Your Home To Bring Your Family Closer

Children require a lot of work and attention constantly, especially if you have two or more in number. It can be very difficult for a parent to handle two or more children at the same time. So, that is why more and more parents are turning toward incorporating the buddy system in their lives. It is a wonderful way of involving your older child to partner with your younger one to take on little chores around the house. This is a great way to involve both children to help each other out. And in the process, it would make your life much easier. Let’s face it. You often need help with your kids. The buddy system is a creative way to take care of just that.

A Deeper Look Into The Buddy System

This system doesn’t shift the responsibility to your older child completely. Rather it only allows your child to take on semi-supervised roles that you allow them to have. It is important to keep in mind how old your older child is before assigning the chore. But you can start with small ones like asking your older child to help your younger child to get dressed, to brush his or her teeth, gathering important things before leaving the house, putting plates on the dinner table etc. Such simple chores are not something children can’t take on. So, allow them to help you out when you are neck deep in chores and looking for help.

Children are innocent, understanding and pure beings who can accomplish amazing things when provided with proper guidance. So, you need to be the guiding light for them to be able to do simple chores. It is a great way of keeping your children occupied and productive. It will teach them a lot more than the importance of doing their chores. You can consult with your partner and incorporate this in your home.

Benefits Of The Buddy System

1. Takes The Burden Off The Parents

Getting your children to help each other out can really take some of the load off you. And help, no matter how small it may be, is always something that can make our lives easier. For example, chores like throwing diapers in the dustbin or asking your older one to play with your younger one while you cook would allow you to focus on other things. When you have children, you have to learn to multitask in order to get things done. But if you can get some ‘mini’ help, it would surely make your life easier.

2. Makes Your Older Children More Responsible

Children love to be treated as young adults and be trusted with work. So, when parents give them some work and trust them with it, they feel empowered. This would give their ego a big boost and it would also make them more responsible. They will know that they are being given a task and the responsibility of it lies with them. This would allow them to feel accountable for their actions.

3. Younger Ones Learn To Listen To The Older Sibling

A buddy system will teach the younger children to obey their older siblings. Since they know that the parents have given the older one a responsibility, they would be more obedient to the older siblings. And if the younger ones are too young, then they will grow up to be obedient and respectful toward the older siblings. So, this system enables children to learn many important values.

4. Stronger Bonding

When you entrust both your children to accomplish something, they learn to work as a team. This would make their bonding stronger. Accomplishing a task together would teach them about sibling revelry, as opposed to rivalry, which would help them to have a great relationship later in their lives. This would teach them to lean on each other for help.

This system is a wonderful way of bringing a family closer while making the lives of the parents a little easier.