5 Stages To A Successful Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss has its own stages

Losing weight is a huge challenge, and it is a journey through many stages filled with varied emotions that are daunting and require a lot of determination to sail through. Once you are past all these stages, you will realize that you are closer to your goal and it is here that you need an added grip over your determination to not let go of the weight loss program and let all your efforts go to waste.

Phases Of Weight Loss Progression

1. The Positive Kick-Off Phase

The honeymoon stage where you see results instantly


You will start your weight loss program with a lot of determination and will power. You will be excited with a diet and exercise schedule, waiting to see those extra pounds drop by the wayside. The longer this energy and excitement last, the better your weight loss program. Some people may even go shopping for healthy foods during this period. Take it slow but maintain the excitement.1

2. The Denial And Disappointment Phase

Plateaus start to hit you very hard and you cannot progress


The excitement with which you started, expecting to see immediate, miraculous results will come to a plateau. That is when disappointment sets in and you begin to think that you are genetically programmed to not lose weight. You will deny being overweight and might even start skipping your exercise and diet schedules. It is extremely important to keep carrying on at this stage and not let your energy and determination go a waste. You should only focus on moving forward.2

3. The Anger And Frustration Phase

It is the stage where you are frustrated and de-motivated


Sometimes you might react with surprise and even get angry about the battle you need to fight to lose weight. Persistence is not easy and in this stage, you might become skeptical about working so hard for so long. You may even contemplate jumping from one approach to another, or might even drop out of the weight loss program. Just remember it is very important to carry on and not let go of your goal. Having a personal trainer really helps through this phase.3

4. The Acceptance And Reality Phase

This stage is where you see the reality in front of you


You begin to get into your weight loss routine and see yourself reaching your goal. You understand how much effort is needed and work accordingly. You also know the reality is that this weight loss program looks like it is going to go on forever, but is actually only till you reach the goal. After this, you just need have a strong maintenance plan to keep the pounds off permanently.4

5. The Success And Indulgence Phase

This is the last stage where you have overcome all possible obstacles


So you are nearing your weight loss goal! This is when you might experience mixed feelings. Too much attention and compliments from others might even trigger anxiety. You might also sabotage your efforts by eating too much and relaxing your exercise routine. This is when you need to really control your mind and be more conscious of the long hard path to success you have travelled.5

Mastering weight control is not an easy task and cannot be done in a day or two. It is a long, tiring journey, that goes through a lot of ups and downs, but the final result really makes a huge difference.