4 Stages Of Weight Loss Every Dieter Goes Through

stages of weight loss every dieter goes through

Gaining weight is easy but shedding all those extra pounds, not really! If you are one among the many dieters who has finally decided to lose all that flab and get back in shape then, you need to check this out. Losing anything in life is distressing but losing weight is the only thing that we wouldn’t really mind. However, losing weight is a journey and like every journey, it has its own string of highs and lows.

Nowadays, there are zillion options for losing weight from brisk walking to yoga, but regardless of your path, the fruits of labor are most important. While on the path, it’s natural to feel super excited one day and extremely disinterested on the other day.

Below are the 4 stages that you are most likely to express on a weight-loss journey, which is both emotionally and physically taxing.1

Stage 1: The Rush aka The Honeymoon Phase

the first stage of the weight-loss is the honeymoon phase

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The first phase of a weight-loss regime fills you with invigorating levels of excitement. A lot of eagerness to lose weight along with a newfound ability to wake up early to hit the gym sets in. People in this phase are seen to be very vocal about their knowledge about weight-loss regimes, body types, diets and much more. They can be even seen flaunting the latest workout wear, fitness trackers and would’ve downloaded every fitness app online on their smartphones.

In this phase, the feeling of invincibility sets in and we feel overenthusiastic to achieve weight loss rapidly. People even follow their diet and exercise routines religiously. Unfortunately, many weight-loss enthusiasts hit the curveball pretty soon.2

Stage 2: The Demotivated aka Frustrated Phase

the second stage of a weight-loss is full of frustration

After the

first 2-4 weeks of intense trying, the dreaded phase sets in. In stage 2, our laziness gets the better of us, we start referring to ourselves as ‘ fluffy not fat’. It gets even harder when we notice that the herculean efforts associated with downsizing portions and gymming actually bore no fruit. Frustration digs deep and feelings of insecurity about weight issues kick in.

At this stage, the best thing you should do for yourself is, get help. Talk to people who have been on weight-loss journeys and if needed, get a personal trainer for that added motivation. Regardless of what you do, stick to the initial plan and don’t let initial disappointments lose sight of your goal in mind. Journal your weight loss journey starting from day 1, so that whenever you feel demotivated, you can read why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

Stage 3: The Revival Of Enthusiasm

enthusiasm returns in the third stage of weight-loss

This phase sets

in when you understand that in order to achieve anything significant in life, you would’ve to experience things that you don’t like too. In this stage, your mind has gotten rid of the rosy-tinted view of a weight-loss journey and can see it in all its rawness.

You understand that losing those extra kilos comes with a fair amount of hard work and that’s what makes the end result so gratifying. Your routine becomes consistent, your lifestyle changes have already become a habit and even on days when you don’t feel like exercising, you still wear your trainers and hit the gym. You also begin to notice a visible difference in your energy levels and have already started to lose weight. While you are in this phase, its’ okay to give into your cravings by having a cheat day, once in a week.

Stage 4: The Fruition 

pride and success in the fourth stage of weight loss

This is the best stage in the entire weight-loss

journey. Here, you naturally feel more alert and rejuvenated than when you had started initially. You have already shed a majority of what you wanted to lose and look fabulous. Your skin glows, you eat healthily and is able to handle stress in day to day life with ease. Being active has been ingrained in your mind and body and you follow your lifestyle changes ardently.

You become an inspiration to many others who would want to embark on a similar journey to lose weight. You become knowledgeable about diet and exercise and often get flooded with various queries on weight-loss. You look great and fit as a fiddle and feel proud of how far you’ve come along. Ultimately, it’s not only the best phase of your weight-loss journey but also a terrific place to be in life!