The 6 Stages Of Love And Pain

Love and pain go hand in hand

Love is something everybody in the world wants. There are so many forms of love, and so many different ways it can be expressed, and unfortunately, so many avenues through which it could end. Ironically, love and pain are often paired together, especially in the case of romantic love. Finding a partner, falling in love, maintaining that love and taking care of a relationship are all difficult things to do, but they are absolutely worth it with the right partner. Each stage of love (or lack of love) that we go through brings all sorts of challenges and milestones, so understanding them is important. Here are some that are universal to human beings, and many of us might have already gone through:

  1. Is This Really Love? Not sure about your feelings

    The classic boy meets girl story starts off like this: is what I am feeling really love? Sometimes, it takes just a look to fall in love with someone, and if you’ve had bad experiences in the past, you begin to feel scared. You have faced and overcome pain in the past, but you certainly don’t want to go through it again. At the same time, you’re feeling something that feels like love again for someone, and that point cannot be overlooked. This is a difficult position to be in, because you have to decide between putting yourself out there at the risk of getting hurt, or leave the person behind but risk losing out on love. In the end, we all have to make a decision, even though there is no way we can know the future. If you decide to take it further, there is the added challenge of telling the person.

  2. I’m In Love Knowing your feelings

    Everyone has a point when they are sure of what they feel, and again can be difficult. If the person decides to make their feelings clear, they might have to face rejection and deal with unrequited love. If they decide to keep it to themselves, they have to deal with getting over the person before anything even begins. These stages can be painful and take a toll on your overall mental well being. However, this stage also bring immense potential with it because it can bring love and companionship too. If everything goes well, and the feelings are returned, it can be one of the best moments in someone’s life.

  3. I’m With A Wonderful Partner Being with someone

    This stage, especially the honeymoon phase, can be blissful and romantic for both parties. It may take a little getting used to at the beginning, but through the right communication and maturity, you will have to decide where your relationship is. Not everyone feels comfortable committing right away, and might want more time to make up their mind. However, if both of you are committed, then it requires a game plan to maintain the relationship. Individuals are different, and each person is looking for something out of their partner. Both of you will need to work towards a common goal, while also being able to provide what your partner needs. Focus on being in a mature relationship, and try to understand your partner the best you can.

  4. I’m Having A Hard Time In This Relationship Rough patch in a relationship

    Every relationship has a rough path, but if the rough patch is all the relationship is all of a sudden, we begin to have doubts. There is a lot of pain that comes with this stage because you think about ending the relationship after all the time and effort both of you have put into it. Again, clear communication is needed to get through it together. Everyone changes over the course of time, and it could be that your partner is no longer someone you want to be with. If you are unable to resolve and embrace your differences, then it might be time to end the relationship. If however, there is still commitment and determination to make the relationship work, both of you will need to find new ways to meet each others’ needs.

  5. It’s Over Ending a relationship

    Sometimes, a relationship has to end. This stage is the most painful of all because potential and possibilities (such as marriage and children) are stripped away, and you have to deal with the baggage that is left behind. However, this stage can also bring a lot of other possibilities, and opens up a different world view for you. You begin to realise how strong you can be, and develop more confidence in your own worth and abilities. Though it might take time for you to overcome the initial pain, it can also lead you towards someone who is a better fit for you in the long run.

  6. I Am Single Being on your own

    After being in a relationship, it can feel strange to be on your own again. However, this time can be seized and made amazing, and the new space and independence you have can be wonderful. There are times you might feel lonely, but rushing into something to avoid loneliness can bring its own set of troubles. Being single isn’t a bad thing, and when the right time comes, the right person comes along.