Sounds Crazy, But Snail Slime Can Do Wonders To Improve Aging And Damaged Skin

Would you believe it if someone told you snail slime is good for your skin? It sounds bizarre, but the slime extracted from snails can do wonders to repair your aging and damaged skin. In an era where all you do is dip yourself in chemical cocktails in the form of moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, hand creams, foot creams, night creams, and day creams, wouldn’t it be great to extract the goodness of all these products naturally, from a single ingredient? That’s the beauty of snail slime!

An Accidental But Amazing Discovery



It all started in Chile, when a bunch of snail wranglers at an escargot (edible snail) farm were assigned to sort and pick up snails. After a few days on the job, they noticed a stunning change in skin on their palms and hands- all the cuts and bruises had disappeared, replaced by smooth, glowing skin. Some of them were amazed by how the scars that had remained on their hands for years were almost invisible while the others noticed that their skin was looking much younger.

A Goo That Can Erase All Signs Of Aging



So why does snail slime have this miraculous effect on human skin? It’s because snail skin is pretty much like the human skin and the slime is secreted to protect the snail skin from tearing up as they drag themselves across the ground. The same principle applies to the human skin, resulting in quick healing and rejuvenation. Snail goo is filled with essential nutrients, proteins, hyaluronic acid (HA), glycolic acid, and elastin, all of which happen to be extremely powerful beauty enhancers. Basically, this skin care ingredient is pure magic and can do the following things:

• Eliminate dark spots and age discoloration
• Fight fine lines and wrinkles
• Improve the appearance of damaged skin
• Stimulate a brighter, even complexion

The Science Behind Snail Slime



The HA present in the snail slime is capable of absorbing about 1000 times its weight in water, allowing the slime to penetrate deep into your skin keeping it moisturized and fresh. When young, your skin has an abundance of HA that keeps it hydrated, tight, and smooth. But the HA content in your skin depletes as you age, causing it to sag and dry up. The slime is also rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant that can prevent free-radical damage to your skin. SOD too has the ability to repair and rejuvenate skin cells.

Your Personal Skin Care Genie!!



We think it’s safe to assume that none of you will be willing to voluntarily put snail goo on your face, no matter how beneficial it is. This is exactly the reason why we have bottled up a magical elixir for you under the name Caracol Bella. Now you can get a completely natural snail facial, without gagging over the thought.
Brimming with the goodness of snail slime, along with other natural ingredients like olive leaf extracts and the nutrient-rich clay montmorillonite, Caracol Bella will bring about a revolutionary change in your skin care regime. This magical serum is the ultimate answer to all your skin woes. You can bid goodbye to the endless list of chemically-choked skincare products that have been slowly poisoning you.
Here are some of Caracol Bella’s amazing benefits:

• It gives you back the skin you once had as a teenager (minus the acne, that is).
• It repairs damaged skin like clockwork and makes scars fade away like they never existed.
• It eliminates all the traces of damage caused by sun, age, and stress.

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