What You Must Know About Sobering Up After Drinking

We have all been in situations where we drank too quickly or too much that rendered us sloshed. Sometimes, a strong cocktail or a shot can sneak up on us without giving us a heads up first. People often get drunk without assuming their capability and then freak out about being drunk. Well, there are many tricks that can supposedly help us get sober in no time. Unfortunately, none of those tricks are scientifically verified. There are many myths about quick ways to get sober that people need to steer clear of. You need to know how alcohol works in you to be able to handle your drinks better.

Science Behind Alcohol

Time is the only factor that reduces the concentration of alcohol in our blood. After you drink a glass of alcohol, it goes to your stomach where it gets broken down and then gets absorbed into your bloodstream. The strength of alcohol also plays a big role in this process as

some alcohol might get absorbed more easily than others. Beer contains only 5% of alcohol, wine contains about 12 to 15 % of alcohol whereas hard core drinks can contain up to 45% of alcohol. Thus, you might get sloshed after a few shots but can remain steady after a few beers. The effect of alcohol might start to kick in after 10 minutes of having a drink. The effect generally peaks after 40-60 minutes. There are other factors that play a role in this like your body’s ability to absorb alcohol, your weight and whether you drank without eating anything first.

The stomach takes about an hour to break down alcohol. So, if you keep drinking alcohol more than what your stomach can break down, then you would start feeling drunk. Also, your blood will have a very high concentration of alcohol. So, knowing your limits can help you to be in your senses.

3 Myths About Quick Ways To Sober Up Busted

1. Drink Caffeine To Sober Up

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Alcohol has a sleepy effect on our systems and caffeine has the exact opposite effect on us. So, mixing these two is a terrible idea. Caffeine might give you an energy kick but that is a false effect. You might feel sober while still being under the effect of alcohol. And that can be really dangerous for you.

2. Fatty Food Can Help

Fatty food can help but it depends on when you eat it. Consuming fatty food before drinking might help. When you start consuming alcohol with a stomach full of fatty foods, the alcohol gets released slowly into your bloodstream. But fatty food cannot help after you have drunk. Also, the combination of fatty food and alcohol can cause diarrhea for some people.

3. Puke Out Your Alcohol

This is one of the worst myths ever. Puking out will

only work if you do it right after drinking a drink. After that, it doesn’t make any difference as alcohol has already seeped into your blood. Puking afterwards will only make you more dehydrated and sick.

How To Help Yourself Before And After Passing Out

Alcohol makes us sleepy. So, it is normal for people to pass out after drinking heavily. You might feel like a good sleep can help you, but intoxicated sleep is not very helpful for us. So, drink a lot of water before going to sleep. Keep a bucket handy. Keep some water on your nightstand so that you can drink whenever you wake up. Avoid taking medications while intoxicated.

Next morning, you can start your day by drinking some more water. Sometimes, sleeping more can help with a hangover. You can drink fresh juices to fill yourself up with vitamins and minerals. Caffeine can be helpful in warding off that hangover fatigue. Eat light food to help your stomach.


can get carried away with our friends sometimes and drink without thinking ahead. But, it is advisable that you know your body and its limits to avoid unnecessary situations and pain.