What To Do During Pregnancy To Have An Intelligent Baby


Genetically, babies inherit traits from their parents. Yet, the mother’s lifestyle can influence their growth and development inside the womb. You cannot cheat your way through these nine months – your stress levels and temperament, your eating habits, your lifestyle, everything shapes that little life. Developing these 6 smart habits can have a positive effect on your baby’s brain and body development.

1. Stay Active

stay-active:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

Pregnancy doesn’t mean moms-to-be stick to the couch and eat frequently. Pregnant women must exercise for some time every day to reap maximum benefits – lower risk of gestational diabetes, get rid of constipation, gain pregnancy weight in a controlled way, reduce labor duration, fight off morning sickness and much more. Exercising releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, which even pass through the placenta to your baby. Also, while exercising, increased blood flow in the body aids your baby’s development, so start your routine from today!

2. Bask In
The Sun

bask-in-the-sun:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

Nature has its own way to nurture your baby. The vitamin-D from the sunlight can help in the development of your little one’s bones. Don’t tan yourself out there. Make a habit of sitting or walking in the sun for just 20 minutes every day. Even if your doctor has provided you with enough vitamin-D supplements, the Sun god can definitely do some magic.

3. Massage Your Baby Bump

massage-your-baby-bump:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

How relaxing it feels to get a massage therapy at a spa – imagine if your baby gets one too! Touch and massage your belly gently. There is a thin line of fat and tissue between you and your baby. From the 20th week, it can feel your touching and stroking, which soothes it. Massage downward

to upward – use almond oil for a smooth rub.

4. Listen To Good Music

listen-to-good-music:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

Don’t bother about the genre. The music that relaxes you, can calm down your baby as well. It can trigger the release of chemicals like serotonin, which not only stabilizes your mood but also makes your baby happy. You can even put your headphones close to your belly for your baby to hear the soothing music for a short duration (half-an-hour is more than enough) daily. Make sure you keep the heavy metal to your own ears.

5. Talk To Your Baby

talk-to-your-baby:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

No, you won’t seem silly if you talk to your baby when they are still in the womb. Babies develop a sense of hearing from the 23rd week. Your own

heartbeat will be their daily music, but they can also hear you talk. Babies who are repeatedly exposed to certain sounds and music inside the womb may respond to them after birth by being more and alert towards them. Communicate with your baby by singing, chatting and reading to it, it may respond by moving around and kicking.

6. Develop A Change In Taste

develop-a-change-in-taste:6 Smart Habits During Pregnancy To Make A Clever Baby

Your diet can develop taste and food preferences in your baby. The taste buds start developing from around the 12th week. Since your baby absorbs lots of amniotic fluid around it, the food you eat – for instance, carrots – can flavor the fluid. This might make your baby inclined to carrot juice when weaned. Indulge in healthy eating, and experiment with the foods by cooking and trying different flavors.

A healthy mommy delivers a healthy baby. If you carry your pregnancy smartly – following a well-balanced diet, mild-exercising regularly

and avoiding bad lifestyle habits (drinking and smoking), your baby will get the maximum benefit out of your own healthy practices, and so will you.