7 Smalls Acts Of Self-Love To Help You Regain Your Confidence

A lot of people consider self-love to be narcissistic and egotistical. But people need to understand that there is nothing wrong with loving oneself. Loving oneself is crucial in building one’s confidence and self-esteem. These qualities are required in an individual for being emotionally stable. Also, an individual cannot love another person if he or she doesn’t love herself or himself first. Self-love is healthy as it helps us in understanding our value and gaining confidence in our abilities.

But self-love can sometimes be hard to achieve, especially if you have a negative image of yourself. The opposite of self-love is self-hate. And a lot of people hate themselves and everything about their existence. So, it is incredibly important for such people to practice self-love and gain a better perspective of themselves. Self-hate is destructive which can only be disarmed by self-love. Here are a few tips for practicing self-love that can be healing.

1. Celebrate Little Achievements

The most important thing that you can do to progress is to acknowledge it, as and when it happens. We are evolving everyday. We are all on a journey of self-development. So, you might be doing much better than you think. So, instead of hating yourself for all the things that you have done wrong; embrace yourself for the things that you have done right. Celebrate your every little progress and acknowledge them.

2. Forgive Yourself

The most prominent act of self-hate that we do is not forgiving ourselves for the mistakes that we have done. We can hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes for a lifetime and still make no progress personally. So, in order to move ahead, you need to let go of the past and the bad. You need to forgive yourself and accept that you have done a mistake which you will try to never repeat. Stop being so hard on yourself as you are only a human.

3. Pick Up A New Skill

Learn something new. This is the easiest way of gaining some confidence. It is important that we keep learning new things as we get older. Every new skill that you acquire adds to your personality and your capability. It can be a simple skill like chopping a vegetable in a certain way or a big skill like learning to swim. Whatever the skill may be; learn it and add to your skill set.

4. Make A List Of Your Lovable Traits

There are lots of things about yourself that are wonderful and good. Sit yourself down and make a list of all the qualities that are great in you. This will help you to get some positive perspective about yourself and you will see a positive side of yourself that you have been trying to not look at. Let your list include all the things that you like about yourself like your intellect, body parts, humor etc.

5. One Thing That You Always Wanted To Do

We all have a list of things that we would love to do or accomplish. But a lot of us are restricted by our limitations to do them. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to break away from the shackles of limitations? Well, you can. Find that one thing that you always wanted to do and then do it. Read a book that you always wanted to read or go scuba diving. Let go of your inhibitions and just do it.

6. Write A Letter To The Struggling Part Of Yourself

There is a part of you that is in pain and is struggling to cope with certain things. Write a letter addressing that pain in you. Be compassionate and honest in your letter. Write about the deepest part of your fear and agony. And also write about what you think you should be doing to fix it. No one knows you better than yourself. You have both the problem and the solution hiding in you. All you have to do is get rid of one using the other.

7. Listen To Upbeat Music

Listen to the music that makes you happy. Let go of the control and dance a little. Lose yourself in the beats for a while.

Love yourself a little more today and see what it brings you.