5 Small Changes That Can Yield Big Results In Your Weight Loss Journey

In your weight loss journey, sometimes it’s the small steps that you take towards it, that bring all the difference. The key is being consistent with those small steps that you’ve started taking.

Let’s have a look at 6 ways you can make small changes that will help you get closer to your desired weight loss destination. And these are just minor tweaks in your routine that don’t need much effort to begin and stay consistent with.

All you need to do is just take that first step.

Make These Small Changes In Your Environment

If you know that keeping and storing unhealthy food at home will make you reach out for it when you feel like snacking, it may be time to change the kind of food that you have access to, in the kitchen, in the car and at your desk.

To avoid being tempted, it’s a good idea to stock upon healthy food options like frozen vegetables and fruits, for instance, for times when you crave a snack.
And don’t just push that tub of ice cream to the back of your refrigerator, try eliminating it from your environment altogether.

Take Advantage Of The Buddy System

There was never a better reason to seek help from your friends. We do almost everything with our buddies, whether it is going out shopping or having lunch. They even accompany us to the bathroom!

Research suggests that using a buddy system and being accountable for every step you have decided to take together will help keep you on track. If you have a partner for workout, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll miss or procrastinate if you’ve planned a work out session together. It helps to go to the gym with your buddy, and sharing the progress you both make and your challenges through texting and being in touch throughout.

If you can’t think of any friends who would be willing to work out, you can take help from social media. There are online communities that you can join and find people to buddy up with and share progress made and the challenges encountered with them using Facebook.

Cut Yourself Some Slack And Recover Quickly

If you give in to a temptation and end up eating what you shouldn’t have, cut yourself some slack and don’t get back to your old habits. Just get back on track the next day. One mistake isn’t going to make or break your diet and remember that it can happen to anyone.

Brush Your Teeth When You Want A Snack!

Here’s a trick that is guaranteed to work every time. The next time you start craving an unhealthy snack, just go to the bathroom and brush your teeth!

When you aren’t really hungry but just want to satisfy those taste buds, the minty fresh taste of the toothpaste would be enough to nip the craving and the need to snack in the bud. And this technique works even better if you have a sweet tooth and are craving something sweet (and unhealthy).

If you’ve ever tried to eat anything sweet immediately after you brush your teeth with a tingly and minty toothpaste, you will know that the sweet will stop seeming as enticing as it did in the beginning. In fact, the sweet will taste bitter.

A ‘No’ Isn’t ‘Just A Little Bit’

There is a big difference between saying ‘No’ and saying ‘Okay, maybe just a little bit, this once.’
The next time someone offers you a snack that you know isn’t healthy for you or for your weight loss goals, don’t give in, and say an assertive no (and stick to it). Practicing this about 50 times will make you a champion at saying no to almost anything!