6 Small And Simple Things That Become A Big Deal During Pregnancy

“Take Care of the Little Things And The Big Things Will Take Care of Themselves” — these words said by the famous American poet Emily Dickinson surprisingly applies even to the time when a woman becomes pregnant.

Pregnancy, we envisage a lot of things when this word comes to our mind—a woman with a watermelon-sized belly, gobbling up food, wearing ill-fitting clothes, and struggling with morning sickness and swollen feet. The reality is quite different from these highlighted points, it is when the small things start getting difficult does a woman realize that being pregnant is a big deal.


Here are 6 minuscule things that may seem like a big deal during pregnancy. If these things are being taken care, it will leave you relaxed and satisfied, but how difficult can it really get, let’s have a look.

1. Having A Good Sleep And Waking Up Fresh

Believe us when we say that sleep during pregnancy is underrated. If it isn’t your annoying bladder hasn’t made you visit the bathroom 2-3 times a night, then your big belly might have made it uneasy to get some sleep.


You may have had a good 8-hour long sleep, but it does not guarantee that you wake fresh and energetic. Getting out of the bed and, then, make your own bed before starting the day is an achievement for a pregnant mother.

2. Taking A Shower

Getting in a tub of warm water could be relaxing, but the tough part of getting out and risking a fall. A bath mat or towel or a help to get you out of the tub could be a help.


Another thing women come face to face with is their changing body. Some catch themselves in the mirror only to find that they have gained a lot of weight and lost their curves to a pregnant belly. It is easier to find out nooks in self, but it is necessary to remind yourself that your body has the incredible ability to carry a human baby and not the pieces of cloth that demand you to be of a particular size.

3. Wearing Your Footwear

Nobody but a pregnant woman can understand the effort it requires to bend down and tie your shoelace. Even wearing boots, picking up and lifting objects seems to be a tough affair—your big belly tends to come in the way.


4. Developing Digestive Problems

Remember that time when you had to pop an anti-acid as you ate too much at your dear friend’s party? Unfortunately, heartburn during pregnancy don’t strike occasionally and you have to take care of what you eat. Spicey foods, citrus fruits, fried items, carbonated drinks and even your morning coffee could give you a heartburn.

Bloating and constipation occur more often and you are really not sure how to prevent them because no matter what you eat, your gut has got its own mind and digestive issues are unavoidable.


5. Fitting In Old Clothes

While pregnant, you gradually gain weight and then one fine day like a stubb0rn child, your jeans don’t fit around the waist anymore. To work around the things you use a rubber band around the button to keep your jeans from falling. You start wearing your partner’s loose shirts wherever you can and until it is the time that you are in desperate need of a few pairs of pregnancy clothes including the inner wears.

6. Managing Body Fluids

Did you not pay attention to how you suddenly started feeling too warm? Since your body temperature rises during pregnancy, you will sweat too often and too much. Drink adequate amount of water since you can help the perspiration.


Your vaginal discharge also increases during pregnancy to prevent any infections from reaching up through the cervix to the baby. You don’t have to worry about it unless the discharge is four smelling, itchy or has an unusual color.

While these set of problems don’t seem like ones on the usual days, they could bring discomfort during pregnancy. Yet, if you are managing them all you have definitely taken care of the small things.