What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

The way you sleep can reveal things about you

Lots of things can reveal aspects of someone’s personality without them realizing it. One of those things is their sleeping position. It seems like a mundane choice that most people make without thinking too much. But the way you position your body when you go to sleep could reveal certain truths about you.

Research headed by Dr. Chris Idzikowski, head of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the UK found that these 6 common sleeping positions are linked to specific personality traits.


Find your sleeping position and see if these results hold true for yourself

1. The Fetal Position

These people are shy and sensitive.


People who sleep in the fetal position sleep on their side with their legs curled up towards their chest. This is the most common sleep position in the world. These people tend to be overly anxious and overthink simple problems. They can look tough on the outside but are soft, shy, and sensitive on the inside.

2. The Log

These people are sociable


In the log position, people sleep on their side with their legs straight. Even though the position suggests that they’d be rigid and stiff in their interactions they’re quite the opposite. In fact, they’re extremely sociable and outgoing. They like being part of a group where they feel like they belong. They are very trusting but they can also be naive.

3. The Yearner

Yearners can be suspicious


The yearner position is similar to the log, except here the arms are stretched outwards to the side. Like their arms suggest, they are mostly open people. But, they can be suspicious and skeptical. People who sleep in this position can take a while to make a decision. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re fickle because once they do make a decision, they stick to it.

4. The Soldier

Soldiers are quiet and reserved


Everyone can agree that this position is accurately named. These people sleep on their backs with their arms to the side and legs straight as if they’re standing at attention. People do tend to snore in this position and don’t really get a good night’s sleep. This is one position which reflects the personality it is linked with. These people are usually quiet and reserved. They don’t like to make a fuss of things and almost always hold themselves to high standards

5. The Freefall

Freefallers don't take criticism well


People who don’t sleep in this position don’t understand how anyone could sleep like this. Here the person sleeps on their stomach with their head facing the side and arms up on the pillow. This doesn’t seem like they would get much breathing space but ironically, people who sleep like this are less likely to snore and experience better digestion. These people are also extremely sociable and can be a bit brash. However, they don’t take criticism or handle extreme situations well.

6. The Starfish

Starfish are great listeners and love helping


Sharing a bed with a person who sleeps in this position would not be easy. It seems like these people would require a lot of space since they sleep on their back with their legs and arms outstretched. Just like the soldiers, these people tend to snore and get a bad night’s sleep. If your best friend is a starfish though, you’re in luck. These people make great listeners and readily help those in need. They tend to take a backseat and work behind the scenes at most events since they don’t like being the center of attention.

When you curl up in bed tonight, pay attention to your natural sleeping position and perhaps even your partner’s. Both of you might learn something new about yourselves.