The Havoc Sleep Deprivation Causes To Your Health

The Havoc Sleep Deprivation Causes To Your Health

Sleep is highly essential for people because this will help people function well. Sadly, not a lot of people get the amount of sleep that they need because of the various tasks that they have to do. With looming deadlines and hard tasks that would need to be accomplished immediately, people tend to forget sleep and also risk their health.

When the body does not get enough sleep, the brain finds it hard to function and this can affect how people think throughout the day. While the obvious signs of lack of sleep are easy to see such as bags under the eyes and lackluster skin, the effects of the lack of sleep can run deep.


Reasons for Sleep Deprivation

There are several reasons why people do not get enough sleep at night. Some of these reasons are the following:

Insomnia – There are a lot of people who are suffering from insomnia which the condition that makes it hard for people to sleep at night.


Depression – It seems that people who are depressed also have trouble sleeping at night because of the thousands of thoughts that go through their mind. Most, if not all of these thoughts are depressing and this explains why a lot of people cannot sleep.

Too Much Work – Taking in a lot of work may mean more money in the future but this can also cause problems because too much work means not having enough time to relax.


Aside from the reasons that are mentioned above, there are still a lot of other reasons that people may give that makes them more sleep deprived than usual.

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation To The Human Body

There are certain effects that people may or may not feel immediately when they do not get enough rest throughout the day. Here are some of the effects of sleep deprivation:


1. More Prone to Accidents

It seems that people who are deprived of sleep have more trouble on the road whether they are driving or commuting because they cannot function properly, they are not alert enough to be on the road. They may have slow reflexes when it comes to driving and even trying to commute going to work or from work.  This is usually because of drowsiness caused obviously by the lack of sleep.


2. Weaker Immune System

Whenever people go to sleep at night, the body replenishes all of the loss cells that might have transpired during the day. The immune system usually builds up its force at night so that it can become ready to fight off bacteria and viruses that may be available the next day. When people do not get enough sleep, their immune system becomes weaker because the immune system was not given enough time to become stronger so this can affect one’s health.


3. Inability to Learn More and Comprehend

It seems that the lack of sleep can also cause people to not pick up on the things that they are being taught properly. For instance, it is harder for people who did not get enough sleep to pay attention to what they have to do. At the same time, they are also having some problems with trying to think clearly enough to process the lessons that they should learn.


4. Weight Gain

Whenever people sleep, there are a lot of hormones that are prepared to be released. One of these hormones is called Leptin and this is in charge of letting the brain know if the stomach already had too much food available. Whenever people do not sleep well, there is not enough leptin that might alert the brain if the food consumed is already too much. This can cause people to eat more and to crave unhealthy food products which ultimately can also lead to other diseases like Type 2 Diabetes. This can of course affect one’s health immensely.

5. Impairment of Judgment

It seems that there are a lot of people who are sleep deprived who may have trouble with trying to comprehend the things that are happening around them. This can make people decide on the wrong things to do as well as forget about the essential things that they should remember throughout the day.


Based on the things that are mentioned above, sleep deprivation can cause a variety of different negative things. There are no positive things that can be gained from the lack of sleep. This can be avoided so make sure that you sleep on time and you give your body enough time to recover from the stress that you have caused it.