Skin Care – Simple And Important Ayurvedic Suggestions

Skin Care – Simple And Important Ayurvedic Suggestions- By Prof Dr M S Krishnamurthy
Skin Care – Simple And Important Ayurvedic Suggestions- By Prof Dr M S Krishnamurthy


Skin is the representation of our health. Everybody seeks good glow and luster of the skin. It is indeed mentioned in Ayurvedic classics that skin is the indication of the health status of the beings. Accordingly, classical Ayurvedic texts prescribe following factors to achieve healthy skin which is glowing and lustrous.

Regular bowel habit-

This is the foremost point looked into an individual to maintain the healthy skin. If a person is found with constipation, due to the blockage of the morbidity, the channels are blocked. Ultimately, it leads to excess of sweating associated with bad smell. Ultimately, it cause itching of the skin, moist hair follicles, pimples, sticky skin folds, boils, rashes etc. So, person has to take keen interest in maintaining regular bowel habit.

Regular Urination-

Urine helps to expel out excess moisture along with toxins which are originated during the metabolism (digestion and absorption of solid and liquid food). It also regulates the electrolytes in the body. Thus, it indirectly helps in the auto- regulation of nutrients and toxins (metabolic wastes). Excess urination in (diabetes mellitus etc) drive out excess electrolytes and essential nutrients may be also lost. Scanty urination may lead into accumulation of morbidity and hence body toxins may be increased. So, proper urination helps in the health of the individual and thus maintains healthy skin.

Proper sleep-

‘Good sleep’ is considered to be God’s gift. Lesser the sleep, the individuals routines are hampered; body toxins are triggered up, muscles become fatigue, nervous system becomes weaker and the blood circulation is hampered. So, the individuals with lesser sleep are found with discoloration of the skin (black or brown) due to the hyper pigmentation or improper distribution of the coloring pigments of the skin (melanin).


Excess sleep causes accumulation of unused fat in the muscles and is the reason of heftiness of the body. Also it has bad impact over the growth hormones as well as gastric secretions. This ultimately leads to various kinds of mal-absorption disorders as well as lifestyle disorders. Thus, proper sleep refers to good and healthy skin of the individual.

Proper digestion/Timely intake of food /beverages-

It is very essential to have the food in time and in proper quantity. Otherwise, getting proper appetite and thirst are the indeed needs. Proper digestion of the food is the key for both these factors. Excess and untimely food creates excess of morbidity in the body; they are the reasons for the accumulation of various kinds of oxidants (free radicals). These life killing cells (oxidants/FR) are harmful to the various organs of the body, including the largest organ of the body, the skin. Thus, untimely food and beverages, which are taken before digestion of the previous food or those (especially junk food) which are causing burden to the body are the true reasons for the loss of the beauty of the skin.


Nutritious diet-

As like the other organs, skin too need good kind of nutrients for its maintenance as well as perfect healthy skin. Beta -carotene, vitamin C,A, E and B complex are the essential anti-oxidants that help in the skin care and prevent aging of the skin. To achieve these, carrot, gooseberries, dry grapes, spinach, pepper (strictly, not the chilli), walnuts, cucumber etc are taken in proper amount. Larger amount of water is most essential for detoxification as well as for the easy dispersion of the micronutrients. Butter, ghee, oil, egg etc are permitted in very minor amount. Exposure of the skin atleast for 20-30 minutes to the sunshine in the early morning and late evenings replenishes the skin layers. These help the skin to be intact, firm, lustrous and in sound condition.

Avoid, smoking, alcohol and tobacco-

As these are toxic elements, ultimately they are harmful to the skin. Also avoid strong detergents, synthetic soaps and cosmetics. Because, in a long run, they may cause the irritation of the skin and there may be shrinkage and rashes or unnecessary thinning or thickening of the skin surface.


Furthermore, regular bathing with soft water, oil massage or medicated drug massage (according to the type of the skin) by classical Ayurvedic drugs will enrich the skin glow. The details of these will be given in the succeeding write- ups.

Go for nature…. Get a natural skin glow…. Ayurveda has a lot in it about skin care…..