8 Simple Ways Of Strengthening Your Spine

Spinal cord is the core that holds our bodies upright and together. So, it is an absolute necessity that we take care of it. It is advisable to strengthen our backs to minimize the risk of back injuries later. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than females, males belonging to the age group of 15-35 years are more susceptible to have spinal cord injuries. Hence, it is very important for everyone, especially men to take care of their spinal cords. Some prominent signs of spinal cord injuries are problems in moving the limbs, numbness, loss of bladder or bowel movement control, headache, tingling sensations and neck pain.

Taking Care Of Your Spine

Spine health is often taken for granted by most of us. But, it is an important part of our bodies that connect most of our body parts to our brains. It carries signals from the brain to all across the body and the other way around. And, since the spinal cord is so important to the overall functioning of the body, we must take care of it and strengthen it from inside.

It is not that hard to be nice to our spines. Little changes in our daily lives can greatly enhance our spine health.

Some important things to do in order to protect our spines are listed below.

1. Avoid Using Only Your Back

We have an innate tendency of using our backs while lifting heavy objects. And, that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on our lumbar spines. It can cause herniation of lumbar discs or sprain the muscles of our backs. And, these small injuries can later become debilitating conditions. So, instead of using your back for lifting heavy objects, use your knees to support the lifting. So, this can safeguard your back and promote spinal cord health.

2. Stay Fit And Healthy

Maintaining good health and proper weight are vital for our overall well-being. This can also ensure good spine health. Carrying too much weight around the tummy can put pressure on the lumbar region and cause pain. Regular exercise can be very helpful in maintaining a strong core and overall good spinal health.

3. Strengthen Your Muscles To Protect Your Spine

The muscles present near and around the spine offer support and structure to the spine. Hence, stronger the muscles, greater will be the support provided to the spine. Regular exercise can strengthen the core muscles and the abs. This can offer more support to the spine.

4. Limber Up For Good

It is important to remain physically active and flexible. Flexibility ensures easy and effortless movements. And, this reduces the risk of spinal injuries like herniation by a great degree. So, move your bodies to keep it agile.

5. Good Posture For Great Spine

Good posture can improve our spine health by several folds. Keeping an upright posture can prevent the pressure to go down to our spine. Also, it can protect our back muscles from strain and promotes healthy spine.

6. Regular And Short Intervals

According to many physicians, taking many small breaks of a few minutes is much better than taking one long break. Small breaks can release the accumulated pressure from the spine which arises from prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting can aggravate spinal pain. So, regular breaks can go a long way towards a strong spine.

7. Minimal Use Of Gadgets

Excessive use of laptops and mobile phones can greatly initiate as well as aggravate back and neck pain. Bending our backs and necks to look at or work with a gadget can really hamper our spine health. So, minimal use of such gadgets is advised by doctors.

8. Sleeping

Sleeping on a good quality and firm mattress can really take the pressure off your back.

Simple changes can make a huge difference to our health. So, don’t hesitate to take the first step towards change.