7 Simple Ways To Help Someone With Depression

Depression is a clinical condition that has seen a steep rise in the recent years. Modern lives, isolated living, frequent heartbreaks, broken families and so many other complicated problems have increased in the last decade. All these things are aggravating mental health problems. This is a conversation that people are scared to have with a loved one. If you have someone close to you depressed, you want to do everything in your power to help them. But often times, we don’t know what to do to help the people who are dealing with depression. Certain things that you can do to help people with depression have been listed below.

1. Accept The Truth


The first thing a person should do to help another person dealing with depression is accept the fact that depression is a medical condition that requires medical attention. As a friend or a family member, you can help a patient with love and care, but even then it might not be enough. If you can really understand the fact that depression is a medical condition, then you might not feel completely frustrated while dealing with them. Depression is not problem that can go away after a good sleep. Love and care are important for recovery, but medical attention is paramount.

2. Get Actively Involved


Make sure you are telling your friends and family about depression, and it being a medical problem that requires a clinical solution. You have to actively come forward and help sometimes. Sometimes, people with depression can live in denial and refuse to go to a doctor. Hence, you have to convince them that it is completely normal for a person with depression to seek professional help. It will help them in getting better.

3. Talk To Them


This is very important that you talk to people with depression and let them know that you are there for them. You need to tell them that they have your unflinching support. You can offer to drive them for their appointments and go with them somewhere they want. You need to keep a watchful eye on them and look for signs of hopelessness. If you ever feel like they are going to harm themselves, don’t hesitate to call for help.

4. Keep In Touch


You need to keep an eye on them. Stay in contact with them. You can visit them once daily. You can even join them in running errands. People who are depressed often go into their shells and don’t come out. They prefer not to bother people. You need to work extra hard in order to inspire them or motivate them to do something that can provide them with a sense of accomplishment. Motivate them to eat and sleep well.

5. Help Them In Gaining Perspective


People who are depressed often don’t feel like doing anything. They lose their sense of purpose because of their condition. You need to help them in finding their motivation. They might ask questions. what is the use of it? What do I have in my life? You need to help them and motivate them to do their basic minimum. Applaud them for their small feats. It will help them in gaining perspective.

6. Read And Get Information


Educating oneself about depression is a great way of helping others. You will be more sensitized to handle people who have depression. You will be more equipped to explain the problem to family members and friends who might need that education. Read books about depression. And if you are reading blogs, then make sure it is from a verified source.

7. Give Them Your Attention


This is the most important thing to do. Make them feel like they are being heard and they are not alone in their struggle. And make sure to pay extra attention to people who have a history of depression and are going through something big in their lives like childbirth or death of a close relative.

You can’t solve someone’s problem but you can definitely help them in finding a solution.