6 Simple But Effective Ways Of Protecting Your Memory

Memory is such an important part of who we are. The sharpness of your memory is directly proportional to the amount of use you make of your brain. Age is a defining factor when it comes to memory. Memory becomes weaker with age and we can’t deny that fact. But, we can definitely slow down the process. Your brain is a muscle and like all other muscles in your body, it becomes stronger with exercise. There are many things that we can do to make our memories sharper and some of those things have been listed below.

1. Indulge In A Brain Workout

Our brains become sharper with its constructive use. There are many games, puzzles and mental exercises that are available which can make your memory sharper. Memory exercises that put emphasis on verbal acumen are known to have a positive effect on our memory. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Scrabble etc. are some of the games that can help you in sharpening your memory. According to a study published in the Journal of American Geriatrics, mental exercises can improve processing speed and reasoning skills in older citizens by 10 years. So, call over some of your friends or play with your partner some board games to improve your memory.

2. Eat Brain Foods

It is very important for your brain to get enough nutrition for it to function successfully. You need to make sure that your diet has ample amount of low glycemic-index carbohydrates like whole grain foods, healthy fatty acids like omega-3 rich foods like salmon, nuts etc., and lots of antioxidants. Glucose is the main source of energy for our bodies and brains. So, eating small meals through out the day will prohibit your blood sugar level from dipping. This will help your brain and body to be consistently energized. This will help your brain to function much better.

3. Exercise To Keep Your Brain Fit

Exercise is another very important aspect of maintaining a healthy brain. Exercise increases our stamina and improves our blood circulation. It increases the oxygen intake of our bodies. The increased amount of oxygen in our blood improves our overall health. You can go for brisk walks everyday to improve your health. Light stretching is again very good for our health. Studies show that cardio can increase the white matter of the brain and improve neuron connectivity of the brain.

4. Stress Management

Stress is a big deterrent to good memory. Stress can cause many changes to our brains that can cause damage to our brains. Over-secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol can cause impairment of memory. Whole of your body starts freaking out when you are stressed. Hence, stress can make it difficult for you to recall things. That is why you often tend to forget small things like turning off the geyser or taking your keys when you are under a lot of stress. So, stress management is very important if you want to hold on to an excellent memory. Breathing exercises can help us in controlling our stress. Yoga can have a calming effect on our nerves.

5. Keep Your Iron Levels Up

Iron is an important mineral that helps in the functioning of the neurotransmitters that are responsible for our memory. Your body can be sensitive to low levels of iron. A studies was conducted and it showed that women who were iron deficient performed poorly in a memory test in comparison to women with adequate levels of iron. So, consume iron-rich food to ensure a healthy memory.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Multitasking

Multitasking is a great power to possess. But use this power when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid reading a book while listening to the news. This will make it difficult for you to recall any one of the things later as you are paying only half of your attention to each. So, pay full attention to one thing and your brain will remember it for longer.

So, take on this simple things to ensure a sharp memory and a healthy cognitive function.