Simple Tips To Help New Dads Adjust To Fatherhood.

Simple Tips To Help New Dads Adjust To Fatherhood.
Simple Tips To Help New Dads Adjust To Fatherhood.


Father’s Day is here! All the magazines and shopping malls are filled with gift ideas and tips, and outdoor gear and grills are on sale! It’s almost like Christmas in Home Depot!!! Like any other holiday, Father’s Day will be soon forgotten, but fatherhood will still be a full-time job.

We’ve all noticed that, from the time they are young boys, men don’t express many things. In fact, they are biologically built to not elaborate their feelings. Men who are new to fatherhood don’t get that much-needed sense of importance as the mother takes the center stage. Taking second place to the little one could be especially hard for a first-time father.



Here are a few tips to help new dads adjust to fatherhood:

  • New fathers go through a lot of challenges emotionally,
    but they won’t display their feelings on the Goodyear Blimp for all to see! As a newbie mom, everything you need to do can be exhausting, but you need to put 5 minutes on your agenda just for your man. He’ll understand you are tired, but a few minutes of complete, undivided attention – such as when the baby is napping – assures him he is still loved. It shows you love to give him time and attention when he needs it.


  • Let him have a little extra sleep.
    Men give back double what you give, so a small gesture of generosity – even a half-hour snooze – is an investment with a nice return.


  • Learn not to take your partner for granted.
    Be thankful and mention how great he is. New dads can be very insecure. Your one expression of appreciation equals all the trophies and awards he got in his entire academic career.


  • Discuss your weaknesses with him.
    This will give him a chance to talk about his emotions without feeling any pressure. It also relieves his worry about being in “Am I doing it right?” mode.


  • Let him be with the baby.
    It’s his baby, too, so let them bond! Protective new mothers love to hold their baby all the time, but dads like to cuddle, too. Don’t just throw a diaper change schedule at him or make him watch you feed the baby. Dads can get bored or feel left out, and they won’t learn what to do to help you. Make him part of the whole experience. Let him bottlefeed the baby just for the experience.


  • It’s not all about baby!
    New moms tend to overdo their role by surrounding themselves with baby this and baby that. Figure out new topics to talk about with your partner. You can’t neglect being a wife when you become a mother.


  • Show him he is needed.
    Newborn babies sleep a lot, so you should grab the opportunity to bond with your partner all over again. Go for a walk. Baby will enjoy the outdoors, and your man will be proud of your status of being the mother of his child. Hold his hand to show him he is needed.


  • Be patient and explain things in detail:
    No matter how many “how-to” books a man reads, he will want you to approve of his help. Teach him what you want him to do according to your needs. Communicate in clear words. He will love the extra detail and explanation you provide to craft and perfect it, just the way you want.


  • Don’t compare dads.
    Not all dads are wired to be instant fathers. Be patient with your man. Let him figure out his way, and appreciate and admire him for it!


  • Lastly, be proud of your man!
    He is there to care, love, and provide, to build a nest for you and the life you’ve created together!