7 Simple But Important Turn-Ons for Women

Impressing a woman is not as difficult as it may seem. Just a few simple everyday things that make a woman like you. Not all women fall for materialistic things, there are some that look at the other aspects like your appearance, behavior, and attitude towards things that can turn everything in your favor.

Wearing good clothes, being polite, having a good relationship with your family, having her back, showing some jealousy, and ensuring that she is a part of the decision making serve as turn-ons for women.


Simple But Important Turn-Ons for Women

Here are 7 things that can make a woman like you more:

1. Well-Fitted Clothes
well-fitted clothes to turn-on women

Who doesn’t like a well-dressed man? Wearing well-fitted clothes not only makes you look good, it also makes you more confident. Wearing clothes that are neither too large nor too small, but just perfect, can be a major turn-on for women. Even a good physique is rendered useless if an outfit doesn’t compliment your body.


Know your style and what fits you the best, and remember, good clothing is not synonymous with expensive. You don’t have to suit up! Even a simple t-shirt and shorts, that makes you look good, can do the job.

2. Taking Responsibility

women like men who take responsibility


Although assertion can be disliked by some women, men who take responsibility are admired. Irrespective of how independent she is, taking control of a situation or helping her when she is indecisive, can take you a long way. But ensure that you don’t cross the fine line between compassion and assertion.

Additionally, women always like men with power, and who knows what they are doing and what they love. A man with his life together, who works seriously towards achieving his goals is loved by women.


3. Jealousy

jealousy can be a turn-on

Usually, women like jealous men. No, not the ones who are constantly suspicious, but the ones who are curious when your guy friend calls you. Jealousy can be a positive way to show that you care about your woman. Not caring about what she does or whom she is with, could be a sign of neglect.


Don’t be paranoid about it, but show your woman that you are protective of her.

4. Good Relationship With Family

good relationship with her family to turn-on women


Women always want to be with men who believe in maintaining a good relationship with the family. Your behavior and relationship with your parents reflect on your personality. A family-oriented man, who respects his family is definitely a turn-on.

Spending quality time with your family is as important as spending time with her.


5. Enjoying Her Choice Of Movies

watching her choice of movies is a turn-on for women

Contrary to the popular belief, not all women like chick-flicks, and even if they do, what’s wrong? Why not ask her what she wants to watch and show that her opinion matters. This is not only a turn-on for women but also gives her an assurance of your love.

Planning dates with her, asking her what how she wishes to spend time, are all the ways she can feel important and in-turn like you more.

6. Sweating It Out

man working out, turn-on for a woman

Hitting the gym is certainly your favorite. The good news is many women like men that work out. You need not have a six-pack, even a fit and healthy man is equally liked.

How much you care about yourself and your own body, says a lot about you.

7. Smelling Good

women like men who work out

Women like men who smell fresh and have a good scent on. This can draw them closer to you. Good fragrances have a positive effect on a woman’s mind

Also, you cannot get away with smelling good when you are dressed shabbily or speak rudely. Your entire appearance matters to the woman, and how you portray yourself will do the trick.