7 Silly Things He Silently Worries About During Your Pregnancy

While you are holding that little life in your belly who gives you backaches, swollen feet, morning sickness and what not, your partner holds onto the stress that he rarely talks about. Although you are carrying the responsibility of developing a healthy baby, he is the one who is completely freaked out about it.

What is he so nervous about? Well, a lot of things but here are the top 8 that you would want to know.


1. What If Something Happens To You And The Baby

The biggest fear he has is of losing you and the baby. No wonder the internet contributes to the fright where a cramp or abdominal pain is exaggerated to such an extent that it can easily connect to the extreme possibility of a preterm birth or a miscarriage.

Every symptom might concern him because he doesn’t know how severe or mild that pain was. His quick suggestion would be to immediately call the gynecologist.


2. He Is Not Yet Ready To Be A Dad

The segue of becoming a dad isn’t as smooth for your husband. The reason is simple—he doesn’t feel the baby move or for that matter any of the pregnancy symptoms like you do. He hasn’t yet developed a bonding with the baby until after their birth when he gets to hold them in his hands.

With the birth of the baby, there is another responsibility falling on his shoulders. At times, he does doubt whether he will be able to become a good dad.


3. Would He Drive You To The Hospital In Time

He might have imagined you writhing in labor pain and thinking whether he will be able to reach to the hospital safely and in time. What if it is too late and you are already birthing the baby in the car. He wants to make sure everything goes as planned, but also fears the unexpected.

4. Has He Hurt The Baby

A nudge or a poke in the belly might freak him out that he hurt either the baby or you. Having sex may not be as wonderful for him—the thoughts running at the back of his head might constantly be telling him that he is harming the baby. He cares for the baby more than anything right now and doesn’t want to do something wrong inadvertently.


5. Has No Clue About Raising A Baby Girl

He knows what his boy might be like—he has been one so he has an idea on how to raise one. Pretty simple! What about his daughter? Would he be able to bond with his baby girl and raise her right? The would-be daddy fears that too.

6. Never Says Aloud But He Too Is Annoyed At Times

He knows how your cascading hormones transform you into an emotional and gullible human being. He is familiar with the times when he had to rush out at odd hours to satiate your cravings. It does get annoying and exhausting at times, but he wants to see you happy—after all, carrying a baby for 9 months is a big deal and he can’t do that!


7. He Is As Anxious As You Are But Can’t Show

What if both of you read about a pregnancy complication and are frightened that your baby, somehow, isn’t doing fine? At that moment, he gulps his fear, maintains his calm and tells you that everything is alright. He may not sleep well that night out of anxiety but he makes sure you do.

Your partner is going to be a father. Make sure you don’t forget to show him love and care while he is trying his best to keep you happy and healthy.