7 Signs That Indicate You’re Hotter At 30 Than You Were At 20

(it makes you who you are)

Your 20s are probably the craziest and most confusing times of your lives. You look at the world with twinkly eyes imagining all the possibilities and things you can do. As a young woman, you’re still discovering yourself, who you are, and what you should do with your life.

All this excitement also comes with its share of anxiety, confusion, mistakes, unfulfilled dreams, and broken hearts. These are the strokes of life that make you who you are in your 30s. Gone is the unsure, anxious girl of your 20s and in comes a woman who is confident and sexy. Here are the 7 reasons why you’re much hotter in your 30s.

1. You Accept Your Body The Way It Is

you learn to accept your body

By the time you reach your 30s, you begin to realize that lusting after a model-like body will only make you feel terrible about how you are. So you learn to accept your body for all the gifts and the flaws it comes with. You know that you’re one hell of a package and few extra curves are not going to dictate who you’re as a person.

2. You Know What You Like

decisions based on what you like

There is something utterly sexy about a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is confident enough to say. Unlike your 20s where you’re constantly looking for approval and always want to belong, 30s are all about coming into your own and making decisions based on what you like and what works for you. Being assertive is the key and you begin to like that about you.

3. Your Experience Between The Sheets Shows

begin to understand your body

As you go through the cycle of dating in your 20s, you begin to understand your body and its needs better. Sex to you is more than just jumping into bed and “doing it”. Your experience allows you to be more vocal about what you want from your partner and also understand what your partner needs. No wonder younger guys fall for older women all the time.

4. You Don’t Worry About Looking Perfect

you don't fuss over it

When you’re in your 20s, you’re extremely particular about how you look. Everything from your hair to your toe nails has to be perfect. And when you step out, you’re always worried about your clothes or makeup getting ruined. All that goes out the window in your 30s. Not that you don’t care at all but you don’t fuss over it. You know there are more important things in life that need your attention and you’re also more confident about who you are as a person.

5. You Ditch Fashion For Style

style and look that is unique)

When in your 20s, you’re looking forward to the latest trends and want to keep experimenting with what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy trying to be fashionable. As you enter your 3os, you’ve got a style and look that is uniquely you and incredibly sexy because it’s been tried and tested. You carry yourself better because you know you look good.

6. Rejection Does Not Bother You

it’s not a reflection on you)

Remember when you thought the date went great but the guy never called? You were devastated and blamed yourself for not saying or doing something right. When you hit your 30s, you know that if someone doesn’t like you, it’s not a reflection on you, but simply that the two of you don’t work. So you move on with grace to date the next guy who might actually be one you’re meant to be with.

7. You Know Where You Want To Go

(you have chosen your goals

The best thing about experience and the mistakes you make along the way is that they give you more clarity. You’ve made a career for yourself or are moving towards your career goals. There is no anxiety or confusion because you have chosen your goals and are busy charting your path to achieving them.