Signs That You’re A Healer Didn’t Know It


Shamans were the healers of every indigenous village and as times passed, they went into hiding or are not really recognized as such in the modern-day world. However, one of us, even you could possess the mystic healing powers of a shaman and not even know you do. Here are some ways to know if you’re a natural shamanic healer

As we progress more towards the more technological future, we may become more distant from our spiritual selves, the words of wisdom that urge to surface get lost in the sounds of the modern day world. Shamans be it from Native American cultures, Aborigines, Gypsies and the like, all have this esoteric understanding and connection to nature and the spiritual world. Likewise, it is believed that each one of us have a special innate ability to those realms.1

For example, those who may be in-born healers would feel

naturally inclined to professions of medicine, psychology or helping people, feel like they don’t fit in with the contemporary ways of doing things, have a love for nature and believe in signs from the universe. If you relate to the following characteristics, it may be signs that you are a healer yourself.

Sensitivity: Healers usually feel what others don’t and are very intuitive. With higher levels of senses, they are able to see, hear, taste, smell, sense and even perceive things that others cannot, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by those incoming sensations and points of view. If someone ever calls you too sensitive, don’t feel bad, it is an in-born gift.

Over-empathetic: When you see suffering or something disturbing, it affects you to the core, it could be seeing poverty, bad news on TV, destruction of nature, someone getting injured or even loved ones feeling low. You feel their pain as if it were your own and are naturally drawn to help alleviate some of that suffering by providing care as an activist or signing petitions or even helping anyone in need or

be happy.

Recluse or Loner: This could be that you’re an introvert, so you observe and interact with the seen and unseen realms like a shaman. This means you feel the need to withdraw from the world and be with yourself in your own space or at home, detoxing from the effects of the world around you.

Nature Lover: The shaman way of things connects nature and humanity, so you probably feel at your best when you’re surrounded by nature such as gardens, mountains, rivers, forests, animals and even be able to decipher the messages from the natural world.


Middle of Nowhere: Also called Antevasin in Sanskrit, it means someone who doesn’t fit in or is always on the fence for things, not really belonging to any place. This is the reason why shamans live away from people and away from the village. They always feel like they don’t belong anywhere, are not like others and its vital to

know that quality is okay and important, as it helps you choose the right people to surround yourself with, on an alternate frequency from the ordinary.

Psychic-like abilities: This may not mean you are a fortune teller but you may possess inexplicable spiritual powers, have strong gut-feelings about situations or people or be able to heal or make people feel better with your words or hands or presence and even communicate or affect people, animals or inanimate objects with your vibes and thoughts.

Vivid Subconscious: Those with shamanic healing powers usually have vivid dreams, which are also said to be hidden messages from the spiritual realm and should be deciphered or analyzed in detail. This includes if animals show up in those dreams such as a wolf, as each animal spirit carries a message they want to communicate to you, they are also called animal spirit guides.

Trials, Traumas and Troubles: After going through many trials and troubles in life, it has prepared you to lead and how to handle things for yourself and others. This goes back to the tribal cultures, where

villages knew who was a shaman because they were attacked by nature a number of times, such as being struck by lightning. In modern times, it could be that you survived traumas such as loss, abuse as a child, sexual assault, near-death experiences, and the like, which turned you into a shamanic healer.


Physical Ills: When a natural healer falls ill, they are said to have shamanic physical ailments, especially because they have said no to something that asked for their services or help. In modern culture, these ailments are usually ones that are hard to cure or what they will have for life such as, fatigue constantly, chronic pain conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, and even autoimmune disorders. If they do end up accepting that offer eventually, the sickness will go away by itself. If that’s you, do ask yourself if you have not said yes to a possible shamanic calling.

Spiritual Attraction to Act: You feel

a change in the spiritual consciousness of the world and want to contribute to it. This could be being intuitive about the changes happening in the world, but more so feel this unfathomable urge to do something about it, such as changing how people perceive the world or themselves in a deeper way.

The presence of such shamanic healers among us is recognized by health care providers from the Whole Health Medicine Institute, specifically founded for these types of healers, who are also called stealth shamans.

Being a healer can be lonely and painful so this group helps them come together and help each other. The job of these healers is to help themselves and others bridge their pains with spiritual understanding be it fears or past traumas. So fear not and embrace your inner-shamanic calling with such healers.

Please not that this article is discussed with an honor and perspective of shamanic healing, and is in no way trying to disrespect these age-old masters and their eclectic ways of living in the world.