7 Signs That You’ve Pushed Weight Loss Too Far

Losing weight takes hard work and dedication. It can be a game changer for your health, so naturally, even small changes will feel like a victory. You’ll feel tempted to keep going and going … but how much is too much?

Dropping pounds doesn’t always equal optimal health. This concept can be hard to grasp, especially since weight loss is put on a pedestal. And while it’s true that carrying around extra weight is linked to chronic disease, the other end of the spectrum isn’t necessarily better.


Not sure if you’ve gone too far? Keep an eye out for these physical signs that are hard to miss.

1. You’re Always Exhausted

Reduced Calorie Intake Triggers Exhaustion


Food is fuel. Calories and nutrients keep you going, but if you’re not getting enough, you’ll feel rundown and tired. Normal, everyday habits like walking up the stairs will feel like a drag. If you’re yawning non-stop even after a full night of sleep, don’t ignore it.

2. You’re Constantly On Edge

Low-Carb Diet Results In Low Energy


The effect of low-carb diets is especially strong. Carbohydrate, after all, is the brain and body’s primary source of energy. But since it isn’t stored like protein and fat, you need to replenish levels throughout the day.

Little to no intake is a sure-fire way to feel irritated and hangry! It’ll be hard to focus, even on the smallest tasks.


3. Your Period Is Abnormal

Your Period Is Abnormal

When the body is deprived of adequate nutrition, hormones get thrown for a loop. This imbalance may cause missed or whacky periods, while vitamin or mineral deficiencies can worsen PMS symptoms.


Low levels of leptin, the satiety hormone, is the reason behind abnormal menstruation. It’s normally produced by adipose cells and acts on reproductive hormones like luteinizing hormone and estradiol. But when you’re underweight, there isn’t enough for regular periods.1

4. You’re Shedding More Hair

You’re Shedding More Hair


It’s normal to shed hair, especially if you wear tight ponytails or brush frequently. Most of us lose 50 to 100 strands a day.2 However, shedding more than usual may point to extreme weight loss. Nutrient deficiencies are to blame, especially with low protein or iron intake.3

5. Your Skin Looks Weak

Lack Of Nutrition Weakens Skin


Even the skin needs vitamins and minerals to stay strong. If you’re skimping on nutrients, it’s bound to have a lower percentage of collagen. Dryness, thinning, and discoloration are likely.4

6. You’re Always Cold

Weight Loss Triggers Insulation Loss

OK, so maybe it’s actually cold outside. But what if you can’t warm up with a few layers? You’ve probably lost body fat – in other words, insulation – after losing weight.

If you continue dropping more pounds, metabolism can slow down. This can snowball into low body temperature and poor circulation.5

7. You’re Always Sick

Nutrition Deficiency Affects Immune System

A healthy immune system depends on adequate nutrition. It runs on vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin C, folic acid, and iron.6 Without enough, your immunity will weaken, leaving you vulnerable to infections and colds. Take note if you’re always sneezing or sniffling. Caught a cold, but can’t seem to fight it off? That’s a tell-tale sign, too.

If any of these signs sound familiar, visit a nutritionist. She can help you target specific deficiencies, and most importantly, gain weight in a healthy manner.