8 Signs That Tell You That It’s Time To Mediate

Life is difficult in the 21st century. There’s something to always do, something to always get stressed about, responsibilities that need attention, and decisions we need to make. That’s a lot of noise in our heads. Sometimes in all this mental clutter, we lose focus.

If you’ve been experiencing some of the below signs, you need meditation in your life.

1. When you feel mentally suffocated


Everybody has those days when things pile up on each other. You aren’t sure where to begin. You can’t seem to concentrate because you’re getting distracted quickly. You feel irritated and lost. You push off decisions. Sometimes you wish you could just pick up a broom and sweep out the mess in your head. Meditation has the power to clear up your mind and bring focus back into your life.

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2. Feeling the heat of stress



Sometimes our responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Stress takes over your mind, thoughts, and it plays in the background when you’re engaged in an activity. You know something isn’t right when you can’t seem to find peace or happiness in things you enjoy normally.

Practicing meditation can not only bring peace, but it steadies your heart rate, and reduces the production of stress hormones.1 Meditation can help you focus on problem-solving thoughts rather than stress out on nagging thoughts.

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3. Too tired to have fun

36965302 - tired man yawning at workplace in office

Your friends have been calling for weeks now to go out, and try a new restaurant. But even the thought of stepping out is tiring to you. You feel like no amount of sleep is helping your body quench its thirst for rest. If this is happening quite often, it’s

time to get off your bed and onto the floor. It’s time to concentrate on breathing, and let your body remain still.

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4. Falling sick too often


Down with a fever, again? If you’ve been constantly under the weather, it could be your body’s way of telling you to slow down, and relax. One study reveals that practicing mediation helped to reduce respiratory issues like cold.2

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5. A mind full of negativity


If you have been feeling depressed and moody, meditation can help filter out negative thoughts. Meditation gives your mind a better and calmer picture, this

will help build positive thoughts.

Mind-wandering has been associated with negative thinking.3 Meditation helps you to focus at what’s happening in front of you, right now. When you mind isn’t drifting away, there’s no room for negative thoughts.

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6. Sex is too boring

43207170 - upset young couple having problems with sex.

Can’t bring it up under the sheets? If you find sex uninteresting and see it as a task, you know something has to be wrong. Mediation has been known to boost arousal and increase satisfaction levels.

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7. Constant body aches

42197409 - young businesswoman sitting on chair having backpain in office

Several people complain about body aches and pain. It’s a truth people suffer with in our present fast-paced lives.

Meditation helps to reduce pain by thickening the brain to become less sensitive to pain.4

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8. When your passion gets a hit

28020484 - long-haired beautiful artist paints on canvas in workshop

Struggling with writer’s block? Too tired or uninterested to do things that you normally enjoy? If you’re going through a creativity stump, mediation can set things straight. It helps you to get back focus and gives you a clear mind to solve problems. In fact, if you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, mediation helps you to think outside the box.

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If you feel like you have one or many of these signs, it’s time to grab a mat, and get on the floor.