7 Signs That Prove Beyond Doubt That You’re A Genius

    When a few things are done naturally, it is proved that you are a genius.)

    Most of us are inspired by geniuses and often, in life, we ask ourselves too if we are geniuses. We often wonder if we are the next Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Ernest Hemingway, or Friedrich Nietzsche. The answer to our question can never be achieved because there are no certain ways to become a genius. A genius is born through his or her work, and there are no clear-cut, definite things they have done. However, Elite Daily has proved that if these seven signs can be naturally attributed to a person, he or she is smarter than his or her contemporaries by a country mile. If you do these seven things, you are surely a genius.

    1. Curious About Everything

    Geniuses keep questioning and learning.)

    A person learns the most about the world in his or her first three years of life. However, geniuses keep questioning and learning. Geniuses even try to answer what is unanswerable. These people have a thirst for knowledge, so much that they get hooked to the internet for answers to their questions and also, end up asking the most bizarre kinds of questions. They also have a tendency to ask their questions in the dead of the night or at dawn. Sounds weird? Geniuses are curious, weird people.

    2. Talking To Yourself

    If you talk to yourself loud enough without realizing it, you are a genius

    If you have a tendency to often talk to yourself loud enough without realizing it, chances are that you might be a genius. Instead of uttering the words to yourself internally, if you are a genius, you may realize after some time that you are actually talking to yourself, and loud enough that others can hear you.

    3. A Constant Reader

    If you read anything and everything, you are undoubtedly a genius

    Be it Albert Camus, Leo Tolstoy, Michel Foucault, or Mary Wollstonecraft, every book that you set your eyes upon is in your hands the next moment. If you read anything and everything that is in your sight, you are undoubtedly a genius. In fact, with so much gain of knowledge every moment in your life, why wouldn’t you be a bookworm and a genius at the same time?

    4. Challenging One’s Own Intellect

    (If you like challenging yourself, it is a pure sign of a genius.)

    It doesn’t matter how much you read, you are not satisfied with what you have learned. You need more knowledge; you are obsessed with the feeling that you get by challenging yourself. This is a true sign of a genius. If you like playing trivia, word games, and taking quizzes, it is a pure sign of a genius.

    5. Forgetful Beings

    Being a genius too comes with a price, and that is forgetfulness.

    It isn’t good to be forgetful; people tend to take you as unreliable. However, if you are a genius, you will be forgetful and people around you are bound to deal with it. Overloading the brain with an infinite number of questions and a vast world of knowledge, a genius will of course, be forgetful. Being a genius too comes with a price, and that is forgetfulness.

    6. A Tattered Past

    Geniuses either have a checkered past or a life full of imperfections.)

    Geniuses either have a checkered past or a life full of imperfections. Throughout history, almost all the geniuses had their own share of ups and downs, their own imperfections and they managed to cope with them. If some were junkies and alcoholics, some tried to experiment with illegal or banned substances to see how they feel. Their curiosity took them to such levels that their lives got impacted in bizarre ways. Yet, with all those imperfections, drugs, and alcohol, they are geniuses we all look up to.

    7. Too Many Worries

    Geniuses tend to spend a lot of time worrying and overthinking.

    Well, all the geniuses are not extroverts. Most of them, in fact, are introverts caught in a world of their own dreams, worries, and hopes. Life is hard for them and with all the philosophical questions going on in their minds, they keep thinking to an extent that overthinking becomes their habit. They might have less self-confidence as well, and very little self-pride as they tend to spend a lot of time in self-doubt and worrying about life.

    Do not believe what your I.Q. scores say; if all these seven points are true for you, you are definitely a genius. Even if a few points match, start treating yourself like a genius, and eventually you will become one or at least, near to a genius.