5 Signs Of Spiritually Gifted People

Humans are gifted with superior intellect and powerful intuition. Some people are more intuitive than others. But not everyone is aware of his or her gifts. Recognizing one’s gift is the first step towards a window of knowledge that hasn’t opened yet. Knowledge is what allows us to be aware of the good and the bad. It gives us guidance to deal with things. There are many times when a person feels terrible over someone else’s grief, or sometimes feel that it just doesn’t feel ‘right’. These are some of the things that a highly intuitive person feels. Some people seek answers that others aren’t even aware of. Such people can be spiritually gifted more than others. The definite way of knowing about this is by analyzing yourself and recognizing your traits. Spiritually gifted people are more in sync with their senses than others. And there are some other signs as well that make them different. Here are five signs of spiritually gifted people that set them apart from others.

1. You Try To Find Meanings In Your Dreams

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We are completely vulnerable while sleeping and our sub-conscious come to the forefront to play during this time. People who are spiritually gifted often have dreams that have hidden messages that are required to be deciphered. So, you might be a spiritually gifted person if you have interesting dreams and you generally find meanings and messages in them. Spiritually gifted people don’t forget their dreams. They always make a note of it and some even like to maintain a dream journal to find higher meanings in them. So, if you are someone who likes to connect the dots, then you might be a gifted person.

2. The Occurrence Of Visions

Some people are more in tune with their imaginations and feelings. Strongly and spiritually gifted people sometimes can have visions or premonitions. Premonitions can be like a feeling that can strike you when you are talking to

someone. For example, if you are walking out of your house and you suddenly feel little uncomfortable and an image of a car accident pops into your head. It would be good if you can avoid going by car that day or take a safer mode of transport to work. We never know as it can be a premonition that is meant to safeguard you from an impending danger. Introspect a little to know more about your visions.

3. 4 A.M. Bathroom Break Can Be A Tell

If you are waking up every day between 3 to 4 a.m., then it might be something you should pay attention to. It is said that waking up between 3 to 4 am is a sign that spirits might be trying to communicate with you. This time period is also known as the ‘connection hour’. Don’t get scared or disturbed. Embrace this. Try to sit in your room and absorb all that is happening around you.

You might not receive anything in the beginning. With practice, you can get better. You might receive different sensations, thoughts, emotions etc.

4. You Have A Gift Of Empathy

Empathy is a wonderful virtue to have. Having heightened empathy is a sign of a spiritually gifted individual as they are very sensitive people. Such individuals can pick on other’s pain and trauma, not just emotionally but sometimes even physically. Their empathy for other’s pain can sometimes physically manifest itself as pain in their bodies.

5. The Power Of Intuition

The ability to foresee or predict a situation is a very unique ability to possess. Spiritually gifted people can generally do that. Sometimes, people can predict what others are going to say in response to them. Not everyone has this unique ability, but some do. So, if you are one of them, then you need to recognize

that and hone your skills.

If you are spiritually gifted, then use your gift to bring some good into this world with your intuitiveness and sensitivity.