11 Signs Your Teenager May Be Depressed

Major Signs Of Teenage Depression

Depression is a prolonged feeling of sadness, a depressed person may lose or gain weight significantly, the depressed person may even exhibit suicidal tendencies.1

Depression is rapidly becoming common amongst teenagers and millions suffer from it.2 It is estimated that 10-15% of teenagers experience depression before reaching adulthood and most of these teens many even take to substance abuse.3

Teenagers can become depressed due to various reasons, like trying to make new friends, failing to meet unrealistic goals, and even family expectation may also lead to depression.4

Here are 11 signs indicating a teenager may be depressed:

1. Change In Appetite

Change In Appetite Is A Sign Of Depression In Teenagers

Is your teenager eating too much or too little? If yes, then he/she may be suffering from depression.5 If the behavior continues for more than two weeks then you should seek professional medical advice for your child.

2. Social Withdrawal

Your teenager can be depressed if he/she recently started to avoid friends and social gatherings. If your teen prefers isolation and spends most of his time in a confined space then he/she is suffering from depression. Talk to your child and ask them to speak about the problem that is troubling him/her.

Also, seek the advice of a psychologist or psychiatrist to better understand the underlying problem and solve it.

3. Too Much Or Too Little Sleep

Change In Sleep Patterns Is A Sign Of Depression In Teenagers

A teenager who sleeps too little or too much can be at risk of depression.6 Depression affects the sleep pattern and if it continues for long your teenager runs the risk of affecting his memory.7

4. Poor Performance In School

Deteriorating grades, avoiding participation in sporting or extra-curricular activities are all signs of depression. If the teacher complains about your child’s poor performance in school or regular absenteeism from classes then your child may be suffering from depression.

5. Frequent Physical Pains

If The Teenager Complains Of Frequent Physical Pains Then He/She May Be Depressed

Frequent physical pain such as limb pain, joint pain, and back pain are signs of underlying depression.8 If your teenager complains of regular physical pains then he/she may be depressed.

6. Excessive Late Night Activities

Keep a check on your teenager’s late-night activities. If you notice a sudden increase in the number of late-night activities and if your child is coming home late than usual, then he/she may be depressed.

You should be worried as your child may even take to substance abuse. Talk

to your child to understand their problem. Also, seek professional advice immediately.

7. Thoughts Of Death Or Suicide

A Teenage May Be Depressed If He/She Shows Suicidal Tendencies

If your teenager talks about death and suicide then chances are high that he/she is depressed. Suicide because of depression is one of the leading reason for deaths among teenagers.9

8. Lack Of Energy

You should be worried if your teenager, who was once active, starts showing the lack of energy. Your child may exhibit lazy behavior and he/she may not enjoy their favorite activities.

9. Hostile Behavior

A Depressed Teen May Exhibit Hostile Behavior

An aggressive behavior or a hostile approach towards family, friends or strangers is a sign of underlying depression. You should talk to your teenager politely and try to understand the reason for their behavior. You

should seek a professional advice if the behavior continues for more than two weeks.

10. Feeling Of Guilt

It is another sign of depression in teenagers. If your teenager is feeling guilty about something for far too long than usual, then he/she may be depressed. The teenager may feel guilty for little things like dropping their friend’s ice-cream on the ground or for something they may not have done at all.

11. Hopelessness

Depressed Teenagers May Show Signs Of Hopelessness

Teenagers who exhibit no optimism towards life and future may be depressed. If your child is showing signs of hopelessness then you should be worried. Talk to your child to understand their problems. Also, seek professional advice to solve the problem.


  • If you think your teenager is suffering from depression, then consult an expert medical professional immediately. Chances of recovering from depression are high if you seek professional advice.