10 Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children

Being a parent, it’s hard for us to imagine that anything can ever go wrong with the perfect little beings we have created.  And even when they’ve grown beyond those tender infant and toddler years, and we are starting to think that we can finally breathe easy, watching out for anything out-of-the-ordinary in their development, is still very important.

Hearing Loss Is Often Neglected

One extremely vital aspect of their health that we almost take for granted – is their hearing. And although hearing loss is believed to be more common in older people, it can occur even in babies and older children. It is in fact, more difficult to identify in older children, as their speech skills are already developed, and sometimes nothing might seem amiss if you don’t look closely enough. And if left undetected, it can impact their ability to learn, interact with others, and thrive in a classroom, greatly.


10 Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss

Here are 10 warning signs (from the American Hearing Health Foundation) that can help parents of older children know if their child might be suffering from a loss of hearing.

  1. You find your child saying ‘What?’ quite often.
  2. You find that your child likes the TV volume louder than the others in the family.
  3. You feel that your child isn’t paying attention.
  4. You find that your child hears OK sometimes and doesn’t respond at other times.
  5. You find that your child has started speaking louder than he did earlier.
  6. You notice that your child moves one ear towards sounds and complains often that he can only hear from his ‘good’ ear.
  7. Your child’s grades fall at school or you find teachers saying that he/she isn’t listening or responding as the others in their class.
  8. You find your child saying that they didn’t hear you.
  9. You find that your child looks at you quite intensely when you speak, as if concentrating.
  10. You feel that there’s something wrong with your child, but can’t quite put a finger to it.

If you find yourself in many, or even a few of these situations listed above but aren’t sure, don’t let that stop you.


If you have even the slightest suspicion that your child might have hearing loss, make an appointment with your family doctor and ask him for a referral, right away.