5 Signs That Show Your Habit Of Complaining Is Getting Out Of Hand

Complaining is a normal human reaction that helps us to deal with our daily lives. When your boss is giving you a hard time in office, when you fight with your friends, when the traffic takes its toll on your patience; it is normal to resort to complaining. But it is very important to know where to stop as well. If you keep complaining all the time, it can become a persistent habit. And this habit can never yield you any benefit as it will narrow your vision and would force you to see only the negatives in a situation. This habit can slowly takeover our lives without our willingness. We can go on living a life full of complains with our obliviousness about our habit. But is that a good life? People need to recognize their problems before they get out of their hands. Here is a list of signs that can help you to know whether your habit of complaining is in check or not.

1. You Never See A Silver Lining


When your engine is running on complains, your journey would always be gloomy and uninspiring. But no matter how tough the road is, it is up to us to stop and smell the roses. So, you need to look at yourself and see if you are always focusing on the bad. If so, then it is time that you rethink your perspective towards life. Your life will always throw challenges at you, but it is up to you how you handle it. You will never live a fulfilling life if you keep looking at the negative and keep complaining about it. Self-awareness is the key to solving a problem and that comes only with introspection.

2. Your Loved Ones Have Started Pointing Out Your Habit

This should be your wake up call for sure. If the people who love you are pointing out that all you do is complaining, then its time to evaluate yourself. Sometimes, your friends and family might not be upfront about it. But if they are joking about your habit of complaining a lot recently, then it has become an apparent problem. So, you need to really pay attention to your habit because every joke has a bit of truth hidden in it.

3. People Are Avoiding You

Nobody wants to be around whiners. And nobody wants to invite downers to happy occasions. So, if people have started avoiding you, then it is time to do some soul-searching. You can also take the brutal honest way of handling this problem and directly ask your friends the reason behind their behavior. You can tell them that you need to know the problem so that you can address it. There is nothing wrong in having a problem. It is human nature to have flaws. So, ask your friends for their help and take their inputs to help yourself.

4. People Around You Are Complaining Too

We are known by the company we keep. So, you need to take a hard look around you as well. Are you surrounded by dramatic people who are always complaining? If you and your friends only complain after meeting each other, then it is time that you take some hard calls. You can talk to your friends and bring this to their attention. This way you can help each other through the process of getting rid of this awful habit.

5. You Focus Too Much On The Problem, Not The Solution

Your habit of complaining comes from a space of negativity and your inability to find solutions. The reason why it is hard for you to find solutions is because you are always thinking about the problem and not the solution. So, if your way of thinking is only letting you see the barriers around you, then you need to find a different perspective that can enable you to see more than just a barrier. You will never find a solution if you don’t focus on finding one.

Stop using your habit of complaining as a coping mechanism to deal with your problems. Instead of dealing with them, focus on finding solutions for them. So, stop feeling sorry and start focusing on solutions.