The 12 Birthstones And What Each Of Them Signifies

Birthstones are not just mere symbols that signify your birth month. These stones are immensely powerful in harnessing positive outcomes for you when used correctly. These birthstones have specific characteristics that can enhance your life in a specific way that you may require. These stones have strong healing powers and can bring positivity into the lives of people who wear them. These stones have trapped energies in them and they can vibrate that back into our lives. Each month has a stone that represents that month. These 12 birthstones compliment specific characteristics in people. The specifications and wonderful benefits of 12 birthstones have been listed below.

1. January (Garnet)

Garnet is generally believed to promote success. So, you can keep three to four of these stones on your office desk. But if you want to keep your beliefs private, then you can take four of these stones and place them in the four corners of one of your drawers.

2. February (Amethyst)


Amethyst is a beautiful stone that can help in bringing calmness to a chaotic mind as well as a chaotic surrounding. You can keep this stone as a decorative piece in your house, car, office or any other personal space. This stone will bring serenity and peace to the space and your mind. This stone can purify air of negativity.

3. March (Aquamarine)


Aquamarine is a stone that has a potent healing power. You can harness its power by using a simple technique. Take a glass full of water and drop in the stone. Place this glass somewhere exposed to the sun from morning till sunset. You can do the same with moonlight in case you don’t get ample sunlight where you live. Now, take this water and wash your face to cleanse yourself.

4. April (Diamond)


Diamond is a magnificent stone that represents connection and romance between two people. You can keep this stone near a photo of you and your partner to enhance the connection and love.

5. May (Emerald)


This beautiful green stone stands for love and success. You can enhance your confidence and self-love by wearing it as a pendant to keep it closer to your heart. You can reignite an old love using this stone as well. Say the words to the stone that you want to say to your lover. Let it get trapped in the stone. When you are ready, you can send the message in writing to your estranged love.

6. June (Pearl, Moonstone And Alexandrite)


You can use these beautiful stones for a smudging ritual to communicate with your body. Light a candle and hold one of these stones in your dominant hand. Take a few deep breaths to focus your energies inside. Now listen to your body and write down on a paper the messages that your body is sending you. Now take your crystal and place it over your heart and let it heal you while you recite a healing mantra. Now open your eyes and blow the candle out.

7. July (Ruby)


Ruby provides passion, power and protection to the people who wear this stone. Wear this stone to induce yourself with energy and passion. It can also enhance intimacy. So, wear this stone while making love to your partner to feel an extra burst of passion.

8. August (Peridot And Sardonyx)

Peridot can enhance happiness, love and prosperity. It can also ward off evil eye and negative energies. You can wear it around yourself.

9. September (Sapphire)

The effects of this stone are known to be fast. The energy from this stone travels fast. You can wear this stone on the middle finger of your dominant hand.

10. October (Opal)

This stone is known for having a calming effect on the mind. It can ease away stress and promote peaceful dreams.

11. November (Topaz)

You can keep golden and blue topaz together in a pouch. This will bring stability. It will balance your creative side with your analytical side.

12. December (Zircon)

This stone is known for providing protection. So, you can wear this stone when you are traveling to safeguard yourself.

These stones can bring a lot of positive changes in your life. So, start keeping them closer to you from today to feel the change.